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  1. How and when do we sign up for this @Elwoodiath2? Like the new idea!
  2. I know what it is and i saw it on VK and my russian friends told me about some black market site that was chinese and sold gear from that site. And they said that was confirmed by Advanced user on RF4 forums. if that says something? So maybe a way to stop that or trying to stop that i guess. They are botters... Will always find a way to sell services anyway =(
  3. Does this mean u did biterate low? or lower then it has been before?
  4. And pls. Give me an honest answer here. Be straight to my face and tell me what i can do to "improve" my game when im loosing silver by playing the game instead of earning. And then i am in a big community that shares hotspots and etc. Hotspot is 100fishes in what...4hours maybe5. It needs to be shapen up. And that before this new trade ban is gonna happen!
  5. Its worth getting rid of cheaters always, But Sit in my chair here, i will explain. I work 9hrs /day i get home. i do food, i do dishes, i do laundry some days. That is literally 13-14hrs, i need 8 hours of sleep That is 22hours. This means by beein lucky i can play RF4 3hrs! With luck!! and here i log into the game. I have my happy hour. I fish get my 20fishes during happy hour, getting another 20fishes the next hours. Now my reels are bad again. I will go and sell my fish. 40 fishes gives me 500silver by the best. My reels got damaged and might need repairs. Repairs costed me 176 / reel. i can afford to repair 2 reels. the 3rd reel goes on. I made 150 silver this day. Next reelupgrade costs me 15000 silver. How many days do u think i need to play to get this reel and be able to advance in the game?? You see my point here? Trading for Goldbait which u earned by using the shovel, fished muzzles or crayfish. Are now totally useless to me cause i dont have a reel or a rod to target big fish with the goldbait. And every day i am earning like 150-200silver going on and on. Its not fun in the long run. The, excuse me, VERY bad bite rate. the amount of decent fish as it is right now.... Its not playable cause u are loosing money each day instead of advancing. So why should i buy premium when im getting nothing back? How shall i continue to fish in this game when im going low on silver? Without trading i am lost. U have stopped me from playing your game. Was this your way of doing it? Explain it pls. Thanks @Joe Thanks @Levo_RF4
  6. Yeah, U fish like shit, get barely any fish and if u do its such a shit amount of silver it goes back to repairs. Its NOT fun to play it like this. Feels like u force us to be buying gold. Increase something for the community to be happy to play and dont take all away from uS!!!!!
  7. Totally agree here. Give something back to the community instead of ripping everything from us
  8. @Joe Good to know. Until then i will take a break. I hope u give premium players something more so its worth buying it And pls consider the bite rate, Pls consider the way to actually be able to farm for reels a little easier then it is today.
  9. That i do totally agree with u! cannot say anything about that. But as a community we are having league matches with prices... Fish of the week with prices... Now we cant do them anymore? how can we try to save this?
  10. @Joe @Levo_RF4 Will u increase silver gain? Will u increase chances to get Goldbait while shoveling? U must give something to the players.... U need to give something to premium players. ITS a fact. I have been fishing for 10hrs a day or even more for 2 weeks. I could BARELY afford my tagara. BARELY ...... Its to low rate on everything for u to close a trading market. Will u go out with a promise to Raise bite rate and Harvesting rate that is alot better then now. i cant see this be a HUGE problem but still a problem. But make something FOR the community to. U are killing the game for the average man that cannot sit 15hours a day and fish. We all got jobs aswell. There is when trading kicks in.... Now we cant trade anymore. Do u want us to spend our hard earned cash buying stuff from u? That will not happen aslong as we dont have good rates. Check europe....Russia... VK... Everyone is getting mad about this desicion and u will loose all your premium customers. Its a bad desicion. U are giving nothing back except experience which is not that needed. I loved this game until this point. U killed my soul with this new "rule" I hope for ur sake that ppl are still buying premium and stuff to actually pay your bills in the end. I am so sad to leave this great community!!!!!
  11. i Understand you! Thanks for a good statement!!
  12. And how isnt it possible to buy a venga for gold? Goldbait for gold and do a trade and get scammed after the update the 21st? That is still doable? since its only items bought for gold that is tradeable? And another one @Levo_RF4 The guy Rudolf nansen on discord that is harrassing ppl with some ugly words/filthy language. Why is he not getting banned? Ppl posted screenshots about him using racist words and beeing foulmouthed
  13. I do understand what u are trying to approach and its a good thing u want to stop. But what about the community in whole? How many % are we talking about that is honest ppl that enjoy the game til the fullest and are not scamming. 95%? or maybe even a higher % that is honest players. If ppl are trading without middlemans they should be blamed for stupidity in doing that trade when its such a high value of money. It should blast a cannonball trough the community. Botters is something that i guess u can see easily after a little time, U should bann the bot account and the accounts he is sending items to. Solves the issues
  14. Why not make both steps at the same time, As premium has no matter for such huge amount of ppl that are playing this game and has bought it when u had your sell. U are hurting them more then protecting them by doing this step. What about streamers that are representing and promoting your game with giveaways? That is 100% stopped now aswell as after 21st?
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