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  1. Lee-

    Volkhov Wobblers

    The rodent baits are slow too ive had a few good fish on them but its mostly noneffective
  2. Lee-

    Volkhov Wobblers

    is it just volkov or all venues?
  3. Hi Pindobinha Thanks for getting back to me .With the hair rig i need to add length of leader to depth otherwise the float sinks so it seems the length of leader is deducted from the overall depth of rig
  4. Hi can you tell me when using a leader for telescopic setup do i add the leader length to the depth set the reason i ask is when i add leaders the depth to bottom as in float not sitting right laying flat seems to change
  5. Hello i recently bought an ultralight telescopic and was wondering about the KG indicator if its orange is this going to break the rod?
  6. Hi if a player is going to use slider rig does the skill of fishing with a Rig with a fixed line have any affect to this skill . My interpretation is that skill points allocated to using a rig with a fixed line is for that rig only and does not affect any other telescopic float fishing rigs. I get asked this question a lot over in game messages and just wanted to make sure the information i'm giving other players is correct Thank you
  7. Hi thanks for your reply i understand what you are saying but the last fish was on its back coming in and was not pulling at all i could see the whole fish and have caught 1000s so im not misjudging the size it just tore of for no apparent reason. The line used was 24.6 kg and the fish between 5-10kg . it seems to happen randomly like fish got away . I just wanted to let you know thats all. I enjoy the game and think its great and love the telescopic fishing aspect of the game
  8. Hi we are noticing increasing number of line torn off with telescopic fishing the fish are small under 10kg coming to net on their backs and tearing of 24.6 mono line we have checked the wear on line and is 0.1% is this a bug? its happened several times this week
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