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  1. Hello, just in case this is my WER report file Apologize but is in Italian WER.txt
  2. Thank you for the feedback
  3. For the records or for any future question like this coming from other players, I have "hopefully" found the source of the problem. My Gigabyte rx 570 GPU is a version clocked from factory @1280 mhz instead of 1244 Mhz of the AMD reference. For some reason it seems that in this new configuration the Game cannot work at this frequency. Setting the card clock frequency to 1244 Mhz as the reference one "seems" solved the problem, but i will keep testing.. The strange thing is that this happen only with RF4 , maybe a Unity engine issue ?
  4. Hello, I have played the game Steam Vesrion for few years witouth any problem. Recently I have upgraded my PC from a AMD Fx 6300 based platform to a new Rryzen Platform my new specs are: Windows 10 Pro 1909 updated CPU : Ryzen 5 3600 RAM 16GB MB : Gibabyte Aorus X570 i pro wifi GPU: Gigabyte Rx 570 4GB I kept the same GPU that previoulsy worked perfectly , but suddenly after the upgrade game started to crash randomly (sometime after a long session and sometime after few mins.) without any specific messages. Gpu and CPU are not overclocked and other games are working correctly. Temps are perfectly fine for GPU 70c at full load and 60c for CPU. I have tryed many different Radeon drivers version (with clean uninstall and reinstall in safe mode) from the latest 20.4.1 and even back to older one 2019.1126.1955.35855. Unfortunately nothing worked. Please find attached the log and report tool output requested. Thanks a lot for your help on this OutputLog_PC-STUDIO_20200511101807.txt output_log.txt
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