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  1. correct i get that part of it. Example: Venga reel 1) spool has 5% wear. Venga reel 2) spool has 80% wear. So what you're saying is Venga 1 spool with 5% should cost less than Venga 2 spool at 80% wear. But if it's a replacement part it doesn't matter if there's 99% wear or 1% wear it's a replacement part. Same with eyes on your rods it's being replaced with a new eye and doesn't matter what the mechanism does to the rod because the rod blank can't be fix but the eyes can be replaced with new ones
  2. same shop , same rod with different wear.
  3. well i just fixed my eye on my rods and they're not the same price!!! One rod is at 30.9% wear is 2,227.38 silver . The other one was 40% wear on the eye's and it was 2,400 silver + and both wear ti rods. So if it's a replacement they should be the same price and they're not.
  4. Hi everyone, rod eye repair is a replacement part and not a repair correct?
  5. Okay thank you very much Elwoodiath2
  6. Have a question about about Stringer use. What is the max amount of Stringer pva you can use before you over feed the area?
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