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  1. Update: I was able to get a work around with a new set of key bindings, and restarting after setting key bindings resolves the right click glitch.
  2. Hi, so I not sure how to explain. I was trying to change my key bindings for my left and right click actions. I found that A, I was unable to use the Number keys 8 and 9 as secondary keys which I had set then unbound. B, no matter which keys I used I found that my rod on retrieval was triggering 2 actions, the twitch and the lift as the same time. resetting to Defaults and restarting clears the glitch, but I am unable to use the custom Key bindings Please look into this, with my assistive tech, I rely on custom key bindings heavily. Thank you
  3. I have 2 errors to report. I am using the Syberia Super Duty S78MH. When trolling my rod glitches all over the place when the line is slack. most effected when aiming at the horizon. The rods handle also glitches through the holder on the boat. I'll try to add screen shots of the error, but it happens so fast and wont stop sometimes.
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