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  1. Well hello, this community is kinda dead, the game overall is the best fishing sim out there for me, but yeah it lacks attention from devs sadly, i wouldn't say silver prices are insane, i usually mess up rods and lines and go back to using the bamboo float rod, but now i can say i have too many rods and can't use them all, get 2 feeder and 1 telescopic rod and just toss wet bread or worms, ofc a shovel will save some silver for the long term, I'm only level 11. The game is dynamic, fish always move to different places, so don't stay in one spot all the time. I would say the gold currency is insanely priced tho, not that im ever gonna spend my own money in there it just shows where the devs put their attention to and it kinda sucks really hard knowing we won't get any decent support to the game itself.
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