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  1. Streaming some RF4 ! https://twitch.tv/NSHARPY
  2. But how long will it take you to implement this workaround or make getting premium worth while? As you are likely going to lose the games primary source of income (Premium) as it is no longer worth while It should have been thought about prior to making the changes you are making as now there is a risk as a company that you may rush a "Fix" to try get people to get premium again as you wont be making as much
  3. And what about those of us who stream and do giveaways of rods, reels etc? Also those who have too many rods, reels etc in there inventory and want to offload them
  4. Can you not think of a better way of preventing people being fraudulent with the trading. Trading has been useful especially for hand downs for a friend who may be starting the game or a streamer doing a giveaway. Also without trading it means there is nothing to do with all our old gear....
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