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  1. ok i was able to check web site and i have 2 step active and im still not being asked or given a code when i log into the client.. Only twice i was asked to enter a code in game client , after that it just stoped asking. PS im stand alone client
  2. to add the the problem i tried to double check on website that its active still and it asked me for a code this time and because im dyslexic i entered it in wrong couple times and now my ip is blocked lmao i feel so stupid right now, but yesterday it asked me before i singed into the game twice but after that was not asking me , just had to use my password.
  3. ok well mine is active and im not getting asked to enter any code anymore , so im not sure if im doing something wrong or if its buged
  4. also are we supposed to be getting asked to enter a code every log in ?
  5. Are we supposed to get a code ever single time we log on ?
  6. ohh ok thanks there was no message in forum and none in my in game message so i thought you guys forgot about it , thanks for looking into it for me . and ty for the prize
  7. hi im not sure how to link but it was the week 19/7- 26/7 the ladoga one
  8. Not sure where to post this but just a friendly reminder that one of the fish of the week has not been finalized yet : )
  9. ladoga 62.38 nasty worm 2.5 009 IGN CRANKNORRIS
  10. there are still issues with this , i just got kicked out, server dose not respond message and had to try couple times to get back in. Im back in just thought id let you guys know what happen.
  11. forgot to add im on standalone client
  12. RF4EN_CRANKNORRIS_16526_20210601132053.7z my screen is jumping around also , cant play as its making me feel sick also , so far tried reinstalling latest driver , and messed around with nvidia settings and tried what was said in the thread so far, nothing fixed it.
  13. ok i found the answer ty for the nice guide
  14. what do you mean by "shock colors " in the rain ?
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