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  1. Cheers for that Levo, Can I just clarify what do you mean by Carp reels as looking on the store I can only see standard spinning, baitcasting and low profile baitcasters? 

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  2. I'm just about to reach the level required to get to this map and was wondering what the minimum drag speed on a reel would be for using here? Currently I have 2 alphas with 14.5kg drags for bottom fishing. 

  3. 31 minutes ago, marcelocosquin said:

    can someone explain to me what the clip (control +/-) is and how it is used, for which fish the length is adjusted.

    Clip or clipping is basically setting the length at which you will defiantly cast for instance if you clip 15m and do a full power cast it will only send out 15m of line

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    Is it not impossible to use fluoro leaders on spinning gear now? When I go to put a leader on my spin gear, I only have option to use steel leaders even tho I have fluoro leaders.

    They changed them in the shop, there is 2 different types of leaders, I think if my memory serves me the top section of leaders can be used with spin the rest are for ground bait fishing 

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