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  1. Happening far too frequent. This game has rogue fish that will not stop running no matter what line you have on . The other day I had to chase a grass carp from the lake down the inlet to as far as you can walk . I had 27kg leaders and the Grass carp was 12kg . This is not right there is no way on earth that fish can run and run . If it wasn't for me running after it and reeling in the equivalent of almost 1000 meters of line it would of spooled me. The whole fight my reel was on red burn which is another falsehood . What do you think the drag is for? Please don't tell me that 12kg fish can tow 3 times their body mass plus the gear strength for an infinite time. IRL that fish would of gone on one limited run and been in the net in 5 mins. Just now again it happened 279 meters of 27kg line ripped off the spool without stopping and I know these fish are not big because every single one I have managed to be able to chase and land has been half the size of my gear. All I end up with is massive repair bills for friction burn and no fish and wasted time. I am fed up to my back teeth of these fish. Are we not supposed to catch these fish? I see 400 kg fish landed in records please tell me how when the highest rated gear is a fraction of that ? I cannot stress enough the settings on the fish strength is ridiculously high. Please fix this . thanks
  2. I am getting a little tired of unstoppable fish that just take line forever. I was fishing where the last inlet is somewhere around 144:23 Fishing live bait with 36kg braid straight to the hook I tried in vain to anything to not only stop the fish but even though my tension bar was between the two markers the burn light was on from the get go and the fish more like a torpedo just gathered speed. I then persued the fish down the inlet to as far as I could walk to try and get some line back to fight the fish on. The fish continued through the bank in to a field at a speed of near Mach 1 I eventually had to alt f4 to stop it from spooling me. Now I don't mind a hard fighting fish but this was one sided. It might as well of been Moby dick. I had no chance of ever landing this fish. I didn't even get a chance to slow it down. This is happening far to often on that set up I should be able to land fish over 100lb. There is either a bug causing rogue fish that never tire or never slow down or the fish fights are set way to high. Never are fish going to overpower an angler. I have been studying these fish and it appears you need 2.5x the fish's weight( I.e 30kg to land 12kg) to even stand a chance of landing it. I never feel in control of any fish over 10kg even on a heavy set up. We have no control over the fish they are unstoppable and the most disappointing aspect of this is when you chase after one of these fish that sometimes is on for in game days you find it only weighs half of what your rig set up is. All we end up with is a repair bill and no fish. Or a wasted game day when you would be far better off catching gudgeon for the lack of reward. I really am at a loss now. I am at the maximum of my set up range but the next set up would of faired no better and that's some 5k silver more expensive. In my opinion you have the fish power set far to high. Some weigh ounces and break 10lb line how is this possible? It just feels like an intentional setting to keep catch sizes to small fish that earn nothing. Fish do not behave like this unless it's a Marlin
  3. I would like to suggest you completely overhaul the float fishing section. One float is currently viable and that is the standard 4 grm night float which I use in the daytime as it is the only float that can be seen . Poor colour choice and brightness means all the floats are almost impossible to pick out against the backdrop and tones of the water. Black floats are needed for overcast and rainy days where the majority of the water has a mirror like surface. Pastel colours are very difficult to pick out. Also there isn't 1 single river float in the game. balsa top with long metal insert in the bottom of the float to add buoyancy with either an eye fitted near the top of the float for the line to pass through and to pass through 2 separate rubber slide on connectors that fit on the steel rod insert in the bottom section of the float. Known as top /bottom fishing. gives total control of the float as it passes down the current. You cannot fish bottom end only rigs on fast moving water the rig will just be pulled under by the current and the float will sit awkwardly in the water. Wagglers are just another name for a float that can be cast at distance and because of their longer depth are perfect for lakes and slow moving canals. 12-18 inches normally made of one piece peacock quill or balsa some are stepped as in they taper towards the tip. Only the last inch ,2 max should be visible above the water not the current 2 foot . Nobody on earth would fish like that. Think of a drinking straw you get in one of the cinema mega drinks that's the size of a standard waggler. Wagglers are for the most part bottom only method as in the line runs through a connector at the bottom of the float but they can also be made to top and bottom with a rubber placed over the top inch of the float so as to make it a top/bottom method . This is ideal for deeper fast flowing water. But the colours of the current floats need to be much brighter and deeper in colour as it is too difficult to see them at any distance as they blend in to the scenery or go missing in the background. Please ,please add a catapult to the game for loose feeding this is an integral part of fishing . I cannot stress this point enough .. Loose feeding attracts fish and keeps the fish already in your catch area interested and will if done correctly keep them there for the duration of your stay. any keyboard key can be adopted for this. i.e. any key not currently used in game. When pressed a circle appears on the water and using the mouse to direct the circle and the wheel or +/_ buttons to select the size of the area the bait will land in L/click the mouse and the loose feed will go to the hi-lighted area on the water . Thanks
  4. A lot of the time you are missing fish is because the rod you are using is too stiff. Being a waggler man for decades you need a very soft action rod or you will bump the fish on the strike. you probably already encountered when you strike it feels like you hooked up but there is is nothing there. That is having a rod action too powerful at the tip end. Almost like trying to strike with a broom handle :). It is ok for the bigger fish but a lot of smaller fish will bump on strike and big fish will bump off during long fights if they suddenly go for a suicide run the tip is not soft or responsive enough. Another factor is distance of line between you and the float. The closer you fish the harder it is . Best thing is to look at the stiffness and flexibility of your rod. For waggler rods you need flexibility it will reduce the amounts of missed bites.
  5. I never use RMB only for lifting the fish from the water. Never on a strike its way too violent and doesn't work every well. It works as well as it does to try and use it for lift and drop lol I side strike and LMB don't have any probs . A few missed bites but that's normal. It isn't set like bottom fishing where you are pretty much self hooked . Only problem I have with match rod is @ 4.2m why can you only set fixed depth @ 2.8m . You should be able to use full depth same as rod length. Unless it's a code thing ?
  6. your reel is rated for 6kg line and you are using 12.8kg line that is why you are red zoning keep using line x2 reel capacity you will eventually break the reel. Also mayfly larvae is really suited to nothing larger than a size 10 hook. What is the max Kg on the rod? . Rule of thumb Rod any kg you like it's the shock absorber Reel must be less than the rod kg or exactly the same. Never higher. Line must be less than reel kg . so for example your match rod is 17kg reel is 6kg line is 12.8kg So any fish you get of a large size of 6kg and over is now directly damaging the reel if you had 17kg rod 6kg reel and 5.5kg line. everything is in harmony with the weakest part of the link the line as it should be. Did you accidently buy the wrong reel? easy mistake one is 6kg the other is 14kg . Don't go thinking because it shows on the reel specs on the tackle store 6-14kg that the reel is rated anywhere from 6-14kg because it is not it is 2 different reels. That sales picture is just quoting the range from entry level to the top end level
  7. Try where the camp is with maggot in the middle of the long sandy area. Face the open water not that far out 4m 5m pole. Bleak are predominantly Surface feeders but the game doesn't seem to recognise that fact. I had all mine on or closer to the bottom
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