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  1. Float fishing and feeder fishing is part and parcel of my everyday set ups on the match circuit in the UK and the game puts bottom fishing on a much higher bite rate than you would get IRL. Remember we usually target larger species with bottom rods so in itself unless the places you fish are just crammed with big fish the bite rates are way way slower than float fishing. I have never in almost 50 years of fishing ever come close to a catch rate on bottom rods as I do with float. It is much faster and more direct and believe it or not you miss less bites. You also get more bites as you are fishing with lighter tackle. I would love to use my float rods but it just doesn't pay when most of the time you strike at air or you prick the fish on the strike. Also trying to hook up with the rod on the ground is pretty near impossible. The float might be gone but so is the fish. There is no comparison between bottom fishing and float fishing . Float fishing has no balance compared to other methods. The poles which are actually known as speed sticks are hardly speedy. It needs to be overhauled and the line from the float back to the rod is more like tugboat rope than line and should never be that tight . Bring some love to the float fishing please. I had to reskill because it's so bad
  2. Thanks for swift reply . I'll give it a few hours
  3. Hi Is server maintenance still in progress as It has been 7 hours current time UK is 15.15pm My screen is stuck on the loading profile page . Can you let me know why my game is still not working Kind regards sirfishalot
  4. Makes no difference at the point the fish is a dead weight which should never be the case because a fish is weightless in water. so it should just come back pretty easy not take hours to reel in. Sadly since my last post. I realise this game will never change and the Devs are pretty much hard coded in the way the game portrays itself. I had to make a decision do I just ignore every fish that is going to take more time than is cost effective and just fish for tiddlers or do I uninstall the game and hope to god someone actually makes one correctly. I choose the later. It is supposed to be a fun sport . You should try this IRL yourselves you might see how wrong this game is.
  5. Float fishing is far more time wasted from fish playing with the bait to the point it is not cost effective to fish with floats. I mean sure I fish IRL where on the odd occasion and do mean odd occasion a fish will be pecking at the bait or the shots on the line but i normally reel in a few turns or recast. But the game i have regularly had 3 rods 2 feeders 1 float where the bite on the float is still bobbing up and down whilst I have had 3 fish 3 bites on the other 2 rods and this can go on for hour at a time. And I don't know who feeds you the stories that carp nibble bait because I am a carp match angler. when a carp bites you know about it esp on the float you dont see it coming and the rod will almost jerk from your hand that is how fast they are .
  6. Thanks I was trying everything to find a way to clip it now i'll go try it
  7. You cannot clip the distance and it doesn't reach 17m lucky if it goes 7 or 8 @ 100% . As it stands it is useless for me to use. If fish on aktubah Putting dry mix down in the river is pointless it just washes away on impact. So now I have no means of getting groundbait out to my feeders other than what is in them. Just seen under my picture how to clip it so ignore the clip comment lols If you never hear from me well tou know it worked
  8. I just did and I am sorry to say it was a complete waste of money. I can throw twice as far with my hands. There is absolutely no power at all . It goes as far as a 60% hand thrown. Can these be adjusted to make them fit for purpose I can't even reach half way to a 10m clip. Thanks and thanks for the quick reply i put a few crude screen shots to show @ 100% and where the ball of groundbait ends up just in front
  9. Can someone please tell me why the rocket feeder skill is locked? I used to be able to use the rocket feeders but something has changed. I can use dry mix only but not groundbait why? it is the same thing . I have 100% skill in bottom fishing yet cannot use the tools I used to use. Is this skill now level locked? Anyone can let me know I will be most grateful thanks (oh I am level 33)
  10. 143:42 fishing with NC on a loop feeder set up 27 kg fluro leader size 1/0 carp hook . Hooked what was probably a Bighead or a big wildy. But from 4am until shortly after 2pm the next day it's still pulling the line from the reel as if there were no drag at all i was up on 28 setting everything in yellow apart from the friction warming light which was red from the get go . I just get the fish I think to stop after chasing it as far down river as you can possibly walk with myself one side of the island and the fish the other side . We are now at a stalemate neither of us is going anywhere. Total waste of my time all that come from it was damage to my gear. These fish are so ridiculously overpowered it just angers me why does this game constantly use anti-player settings and nuances It feels like you are doing everything in your power to capitulate your own game . That fish should of taken 5 mins not 12+ in game hours and never stopping once . I only gained line because I had to run after the fish. For every ounce of pressure a fish exerts in a fight trying to evade capture the same exact force is applied to the fish. That would of been full of lactic acid within a few minutes and wallowing not still charging around after 12 hours. Please address this imbalance please and stop these fish taking refuge behind islands where we cannot get to them. Thanks
  11. Probably the worse thing for me is the speed at which you retrieve the fish once it has given up the fight as an example I caught a 27 kg Mirror Carp Which too 9 in game hours to get to the net. 5 hours was for the most part just watching a burning red flame as line was churning off the reel but it stopped and for the next 4 hours was reeling a dead weight back across the water . It felt like it was coming back 1 inch at a time. There is no inertia on the fish in the water. Even if you pump the rod to move the fish all that happens is the rod lifts the fish doesn't move. Is there any chance this process can be sped up . All the while fatigue bar speeds towards red why? The fish isn't fighting its just sitting in the water like a submerged tree trunk. It isn't any fun at all . Thanks
  12. A lot of the time you are missing fish is because the rod you are using is too stiff. Being a waggler man for decades you need a very soft action rod or you will bump the fish on the strike. you probably already encountered when you strike it feels like you hooked up but there is is nothing there. That is having a rod action too powerful at the tip end. Almost like trying to strike with a broom handle :). It is ok for the bigger fish but a lot of smaller fish will bump on strike and big fish will bump off during long fights if they suddenly go for a suicide run the tip is not soft or responsive enough. Another factor is distance of line between you and the float. The closer you fish the harder it is . Best thing is to look at the stiffness and flexibility of your rod. For waggler rods you need flexibility it will reduce the amounts of missed bites.
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