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  1. That is incorrect. Picker rods are for the usuage for light feeder materials, not above 20g. Picker rods are designed for short distance casting and not for rivers. Feeder rods on the other hand are a universal design and since you can use anything from 1oz - 6 oz tips they are well worth to use on both medium - long distance to in rivers. By using a picker rod you can easily snap of the quivertip.
  2. Ah damn, then I pretty much missread that sentence.. ah well the rod was broken apparently, tried it and couldn't land the fish so asked for a refund. Just hoping for a fast response from the dev regarding the matter.
  3. Great, cause I baught two rods thinking you actually used them from the shore since the it clearly says offshore fishing on Classic Marine Bottom setup, and offshore means from the shore. But they are pretty much useless then unless you are in the boat?
  4. Hello. So I can't use the Classic Marine Bottom Rod from the shore at all? You have to use it in the boat to drift with trolling mode? Does that include all the boat rods? So I can't stand offshore, casting it in and wait for a bite with the reel locked?
  5. Hello. Is this setup currently broken? I haven't had a single bite with the current setup shown. Also tried different hook sizes, bait but still nothing takes it? Has anyobody experienced the same issue? Or has anybody caught a fish using the Marine Bottom Rig?
  6. But, also does this effect on usuage of the bottom rig? I can't get a single bite at all?
  7. I just want to say Thank you, for showing some love to float fishing with this new update. That you also increase the prices on smaller fishes is also very welcome to us that float fish alot. Increased the effectiveness of float fishing, this made me as a match angler happy, can't wait to get in!
  8. Very detailed feedback indeed, well done mate for pointing out the aspect that bottom fishing is actually in my opinion "overpowered" in many aspects. I feel that float fishing in general and spinning, specially Match section on float for targeting Carps needs a overlook. Tight Lines people!
  9. Welcome, and long time no see! I've had a couple of questions lately regarding what type of talent's and why i use them. So here comes a guide that explains why I use the talent tree that I do. As you can see on the picture above. This is my talent tree at this very moment. Remember that it shares some points into Bottom Fishing aswell, which brings me to the next picture that will be displayed below here. Some of you might wonder why do you have points into Carp Rods? We'll when you put points into Spod Rods/Marker Rods, they share which I guess most of you people have noticed, but the main reason for this for spoding and feeding up the area im fishing at. Since we lack the ability to use the PVA bag, we have to rely on the SPOD/SPOMB Method, combined with Cobras/Slingshots. Which is to me a fun way of doing it, since it allows you to use both Balls/Boilies/Dry Mix into consideration when fishing a certain fish. Cobras Using the Cobra with Boilies can have a deadly effect on the area, but also be warned. You can easily overfeed an area if you use to much. I normally only use this once during a 24 hour ingame period, combined with 10 Portion of SPOD/SPOMB. Make sure you are casting the specific boilie you are using at the moment aswell to increase the chances of getting a bite. Use your imagination and always plan ahead. Mark the time you throw them out, and count 24 hours of ingame time and then you can recast it, alongside with a SPOD/SPOMB or 10 groundbait Balls. Slingshots Slingshots, are my way to go with when targeting Breams/Tench and some other specific species. Using the Groundbait Balls CAN increase the area of which you are feeding, depends how you spread them out when throwing them. But you also have to pay attention to the wind speed, if the wind is high they will fly off from the area you are fishing in by far. If the wind is calm, this is a great way to feed up an area. Summary . As you can see i've left out the Tele rods, and Bolo rods. I only fish with Match Rods, on every lake/river in this game. The talent tree is desgined specificly for Carps and General Match Rod fishing overall. I hope this sheeds some light into the Match Section of the game. It's a fantastic fun way to fish, and trust me. Once you catch that trophy Carp on a Match rod, the feeling is just GREAT! And as always, if you have any questions or want some help or encountering issues. Feel free to contact me ingame. And remember, pay attention to the float! I'll post some of my precious Carp catches on float for you down below. Stay safe! // ZaoN
  10. Hello to you all! ZaoN here. I would like to invite you to my streams, where we discuss Match Rods/Float rods and just have a good time together. I'll also have a competition tomorrow at 12.00 CET for a Sage Rod 13-3.50 So feel free to drop by and say hi to me or even tag along in the discord. Thank you, and stay safe out there! ZaoN aka Johan from the Swedish West Coast. https://www.twitch.tv/zaon90 Discord https://discord.com/invite/qvUnkKJCNa
  11. Zaon90

    100 %

    Glad you are enjoying it Amun! And im glad I could help! Now let's get more trophys in the book shall we?
  12. Zaon90


    And the waggler shows the way, 2x Trophys within 8 minutes of eachother! Map : Amber Lake Coords : 120:155 Clip : 25 Depth : 2,95 cm with a 60 cm leader. Bait : 18mm Halibut Pellets, 18mm Tuna Pellets, Spicy Halibut dip Setup :
  13. Zaon90


    Fishing after the smaller species can be really fun! Second fish of the session. Map : Winding Rivulet Coords : 107:100 Clip : 10 Depth : 3,00 cm with a 40 cm leader. Bait : 8mm Creme Brulee, 8mm Caramel, Cream Dip Setup :
  14. Hi there mate. Fishing after catfish can be expensive, and that wear damage is normal when you target such a heavy weight fish. I had 0.5% wear damage on my line after catching around 30 and that's because they are heavy, and when you increase the tension alongside with the friction it will damage the line. If you also lock the reel on the fish, that will also increase the damage on the line, and the reel.
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