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  1. We'll where to begin. First off I got really bored with bottom fishing mainly. I found it soothing and therefore reducing the will for me to play it. I saw someone, can't really remember who it was that was using Match Rods with wagglers. That's when i decided to drop bottom completly for Float/Waggler fishing. Ever since that day, wich is around almost one year ago. To this day I'm still using Wagglers, and Match Rods. For both Sturgeons and Trophy Carp. Nothing is more rewarding to bring up a giant Trophy Carp with Match Rod's, since it's more complex and more difficult in many ways. My biggest Trophy so far on Float is my 34KG Grass Carp, and 31 Trophy Wild Carp. And my biggest Sturgeon so far on it is 38kg. Still farming for it. Tight Lines!
  2. I agree, this has completly destroyed the match rod fishin. I have 3x Monster Match rods, and Vengas invested. But after this update all was destroyed by the fact you nerfed it so hard you can't set the hook correctly, and it's worse in currents. And the fact that PVA is so damn buffed in this game also makes me extremely angry since you are forcing people into the most boring method in this game, bottom fishing.
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