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  1. Very detailed feedback indeed, well done mate for pointing out the aspect that bottom fishing is actually in my opinion "overpowered" in many aspects. I feel that float fishing in general and spinning, specially Match section on float for targeting Carps needs a overlook. Tight Lines people!
  2. Welcome, and long time no see! I've had a couple of questions lately regarding what type of talent's and why i use them. So here comes a guide that explains why I use the talent tree that I do. As you can see on the picture above. This is my talent tree at this very moment. Remember that it shares some points into Bottom Fishing aswell, which brings me to the next picture that will be displayed below here. Some of you might wonder why do you have points into Carp Rods? We'll when you put points into Spod Rods/Marker Rods, they share which I guess most of you people have noticed, but the main reason for this for spoding and feeding up the area im fishing at. Since we lack the ability to use the PVA bag, we have to rely on the SPOD/SPOMB Method, combined with Cobras/Slingshots. Which is to me a fun way of doing it, since it allows you to use both Balls/Boilies/Dry Mix into consideration when fishing a certain fish. Cobras Using the Cobra with Boilies can have a deadly effect on the area, but also be warned. You can easily overfeed an area if you use to much. I normally only use this once during a 24 hour ingame period, combined with 10 Portion of SPOD/SPOMB. Make sure you are casting the specific boilie you are using at the moment aswell to increase the chances of getting a bite. Use your imagination and always plan ahead. Mark the time you throw them out, and count 24 hours of ingame time and then you can recast it, alongside with a SPOD/SPOMB or 10 groundbait Balls. Slingshots Slingshots, are my way to go with when targeting Breams/Tench and some other specific species. Using the Groundbait Balls CAN increase the area of which you are feeding, depends how you spread them out when throwing them. But you also have to pay attention to the wind speed, if the wind is high they will fly off from the area you are fishing in by far. If the wind is calm, this is a great way to feed up an area. Summary . As you can see i've left out the Tele rods, and Bolo rods. I only fish with Match Rods, on every lake/river in this game. The talent tree is desgined specificly for Carps and General Match Rod fishing overall. I hope this sheeds some light into the Match Section of the game. It's a fantastic fun way to fish, and trust me. Once you catch that trophy Carp on a Match rod, the feeling is just GREAT! And as always, if you have any questions or want some help or encountering issues. Feel free to contact me ingame. And remember, pay attention to the float! I'll post some of my precious Carp catches on float for you down below. Stay safe! // ZaoN
  3. Hello to you all! ZaoN here. I would like to invite you to my streams, where we discuss Match Rods/Float rods and just have a good time together. I'll also have a competition tomorrow at 12.00 CET for a Sage Rod 13-3.50 So feel free to drop by and say hi to me or even tag along in the discord. Thank you, and stay safe out there! ZaoN aka Johan from the Swedish West Coast. https://www.twitch.tv/zaon90 Discord https://discord.com/invite/qvUnkKJCNa
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    Glad you are enjoying it Amun! And im glad I could help! Now let's get more trophys in the book shall we?
  5. Zaon90


    And the waggler shows the way, 2x Trophys within 8 minutes of eachother! Map : Amber Lake Coords : 120:155 Clip : 25 Depth : 2,95 cm with a 60 cm leader. Bait : 18mm Halibut Pellets, 18mm Tuna Pellets, Spicy Halibut dip Setup :
  6. Zaon90


    Fishing after the smaller species can be really fun! Second fish of the session. Map : Winding Rivulet Coords : 107:100 Clip : 10 Depth : 3,00 cm with a 40 cm leader. Bait : 8mm Creme Brulee, 8mm Caramel, Cream Dip Setup :
  7. Hi there mate. Fishing after catfish can be expensive, and that wear damage is normal when you target such a heavy weight fish. I had 0.5% wear damage on my line after catching around 30 and that's because they are heavy, and when you increase the tension alongside with the friction it will damage the line. If you also lock the reel on the fish, that will also increase the damage on the line, and the reel.
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    Float vanished, and away it went screaming! Map : Bear Lake Coords : 44:50 Clip : 23 Depth : 3,20 cm with a 60 cm leader. Bait : Honey Cream 18mm Pop-up, 20mm Honey Pear Pop-up. Setup :
  9. Zaon90


    And once again the trophy bites the Waggler! Map : Amber Lake Coords : 65:113, D6 Clip : 33 Depth : 3,30 cm with a 60 cm leader. Bait : 20mm Tuna Pop-up, 20mm Halibut&Berries Pop-up, Tuna oil dip Setup :
  10. Cause they are updating, and the servers are down. Don't you even read the news here?
  11. Zaon90


    Waggler strikes again with a new PB Common. Map : Amber Lake Coords : 65:113, D6 Clip : 33 Depth : 3,30 cm with a 60 cm leader. Bait : 18mm Tuna Pellets, 18mm Halibut Pellets Setup :
  12. Welcome To this guide regarding Match Rod fishing after Carp. I want to start of by saying Thank you for taking your time to read this, and hopefully learn something about a fantastic method of fishing after big carp. In this guide we will go through every essential part of fishing after carp, such as Rod/Reel/Hooks/Leader's/Waggler's/Tactics/Feeding I also want to remind you that im not an expert. I simply try to evolve and teach people to enjoy this wonderful method. I also want to mention that it's important that you balance your setup. Always make sure that the rod is the strongest in your setup, not the leader/line or reel for that matter. Grab yourself a Coffee and lean back. Enjoy Reels : We will start this guide with going through the options on reel's. To start carp fishing you need a decent reel to handle the big carps, and the big rushes they can pull out. There is a limited option on this matter, and i'll go through each and everyone of them that most people are known to. The Caliber The Caliber is the first reel that you should aim for overall. It has the best early drag you can ask for, and combined with a decent rod you are all set to handle atleast the majority of carps. There is a option for this reel at level 18, but since you can't use any decent rod at level 18 I would not recommend to buy that reel. The Tagara 10000 This reel is a well known Carp Reel for most angler's in this game. It has a big spool and can handle any trophy carp that exist in the game. Combined with a well balanced setup you can pretty much hoist them in. If you have no intentions to fish Sturgeons I would stop at this reel, and focus on getting the best Match rods. The Venga 100000 This is the best reel you can get your hands down. With this reel and a Monster Match 440, you can fight anything from Carps to Sturgeons. Big sized spool to equip heavy lines with, so you can fight most of the fishes that exist. As you could see there isn't that much options regarding reels for Carp's. There is plenty of reels to buy, but focusing on landing at the Tagara after the HSV is the most effective way. This next section is regarding the Match Rod. There is isn't that many rods availble, but they aren't that expensive after all. You can get away with a good setup for around 7.000 silver. But we will get to that later. Rods : The Falcon Match 390. This rod is the first rod of the options you have, a load capacity of 42.6KG. So with this combined with a HSV you can begin your journey after the Carps. The price isn't that hefty for it, but the next rod is close to it, but requires two more levels to use. But the price tag is only slightly higher with 1.000 silver. The Rebellion Match 420H This rod is a great option and will serve you for a long period of time. It has alot of good bonuses to increase the bite rate, and decent load capacity of 41.2KG so you will be able to fight thoose bigger blue tag carps. It only cost around 1.000 more silver then the Falcon Match, so my recommendation is to aim for this one first, if you have alot saved up. I myself still use theese rods on multiple occasions. The Plasma Match 420 This is a good rod to withstand the most highest of the blue tag carp's that exist. Slighty different in the + skill bonuses, but with a larger load capacity of 54KG. It's a great option on your way to the Monster Match Rods. The Monster Match 440 This is the best rod you can get your hands on right now. Heavy load capacity of 65KG, and combined with a Venga you can fight sturgeons with them. Multiple bonuses on both of the Carp rigs avaible to us on the Match Rod section. But if you have no intention to fight sturgeons on float, then skip theese rods and aim for Plasma/Rebellions. Another big section of this matter is the choice of hooks. There is a difference of choosing the right hook, and to present the bait with them. I'll show you the choices I use depending on what type of rig im using. Carp Hair Rig : When I tend to use the Hair Rig on a Match Rod, I always lean towards the Etalon Mugga S6. It's sharp and has good hooking and presentation. Carp Pop-up Rig. When you tend to use the Pop-up Rig combined with a Pop-up bait, then this my go to hook. The Zenith/Mugga Hook S1. The describtion of the hook states that it's best suited for pop-up rigs. It also is very strong and has been working great under my time of fishing. Worth Mentioning. If you want to use bigger hooks, then the Large 1 hooks. Then this is the hooks I use to aim at the most biggest carps, but be aware that it might slow down your bite rate by alot. They can go up to 4/0 size and are the ones im using when float fishing after Sturgeon. But can be used for Carp Fishing aswell. Leader's : There is 3x of length's that i mainly use. 20 cm, 40 cm, and 60 cm. The 20 cm I use when i fish really shallow areas, for example below 1m depth. 40 cm I use mainly on smaller fishes, perhaps Breams/Tench. 60 cm is the leader length i use on Carp Fishing, to avoid spooking the fish. But there is a downside to the different length's. Short Leader's are great for hooking the fish, but it also has a higher chance of spooking of fish. Specially the most cautios fish species. But it also has a higher chance of auto hooking itself. Longer Leader's has great reduction of spooking the fish from taking your bait, but it also has a harder chance of hooking the fish, and it will RARELY auto hook itself with longer leader's. Braided Leader's are great resistance to the fish head shakes and also very stiff. Very Robust so to speak, but visible to fish. Fluorocarbon leader's, thanks to its zero visibility in the water, is indispensable when fishing cautious fish. It's also has a fairly high damage resistance compared to other's. I have never used Nylon line as a leader, as it's not as stiff as the other's are. You also want some stiffness when fighting big fish to resist the big head shakes, but also be able to put pressure on the fish to avoid it from racing away. The Waggler's : The Silver Fish Total Cast 932-120 This Waggler's is one of the best for both long distance casting and mid range fishing. It also has a bigger weight, the 932-140. The weight on the other option is 14g, but i'm only using this when casting further then 35m. The Pomor VK-14 This Waggler was only availble during Christmas Event. Theese Waggler's are really bright during night time, wich means you can easily see them even on greater distances. Theese Waggler's came with 8G/12G/14G and if you get a chance to get them, buy them but don't loose them. Tactics : The most important choice when going after Carp is location, and activity. The next step is to figure out the bait they are using. For this I tend to use the discord channels that I have availble. Ask around what people have been using lately, but also check the weeklys. When you approach a new bait, it's time to figure out a good dry mix to combine with the bait that is being used. The mix should always contain some additives that you are using as a main bait. For example, if you are fishing with Tutti Frutti. This is how I would create a dry mix, you can also mix in some corn that are a well known Carp bait. Depth : Another crucial part of Match Rod fishing is chosing the depth. When you fish after carp you want to fish close to the bottom as possible. But how can you know the depth? We'll here is were the Marker Rod comes into play. Knowing the depth of the area you are fishing is crucial when picking a spot. Cast out on different angles on the spot, so you know if there is a difference to the bottom, if it's going up and down or if it stays the same. You always add the length of the leader to the depth and here is an example. If the marker says 2.35 and you have a 60 cm leader length, then you should choose 2.95 as depth, you multiple the marker depth with the length of your leader. Marker Rod Setup : Feeding : As mentioned before, always use a dry mix that contains particles and additives that you are using as your bait/boilie/pellet Use Spod and GB/Cobras. You can also use a combined mix with bait and groundbait. For example you can use a 5 portion spod and throw out, combined with a throw of a Cobra/Slingshot containing the boilie you are using. Example : 5 Portion Spod mix thrown out. 5 Boilies with one single Cobra throw. 5 Groundbait balls, containing the same setup as the dry mix, spread around in the area you are fishing. By doing this you also bring in the fish that are in the edges of your fishing area. You can also throw out the 5 Portion Spod/SPOMB five times, since you don't want to overfeed, and I never go over 20 portions. Then you wait depeding on the durtation of the mix The Cobra's im using are Legacy Throwing Stick S-25/M-25 The Slingshots are Simmons Catapult FB/SF Spod Setup : You can variate the different method's on how you want to deliever the mix. SPOMB opens up as it hits the water, for more precise feeding. The SPOD creates an with a dust cloud with particles that lures the fish into your swim. And this conclude the guide. I do really hope you have enjoyed it and learned a thing or two about this. But I hope that I got you intressted in this lovely fishing method after big carp, it's a wonderful feeling to catch a Trophy Carp on float then a bottom rig, trust me! Give it a try! Take care and Tight Lines! If you have any questions, just ask me ingame. I'll gladly help you!
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    Finally, after some hours he came and took my float! Best of luck! Location : Akthuba River Coords : 134:24 Clip: 20 Depth : 6.00 Bait : Bleak Setup :
  14. Congratulations Vetrelec. Price has been sent.
  15. Hello and Welcome to another Legacy Ti Event. This time we are visting the lovely river of Belaya. We are now in pursuit of a specie that is very shy, but a well sought after target. I'm talking about the Brown Trout. There are no rules on how you catch the fish. The winner is the one that catches the biggest fish. ! ONLY FISH CAUGHT ON BELAYA ! To prove that the fish has been caught on Belaya, take a photo of the fish with the valid information needed. To do so, open your keepnet, click the fish you want to enter with and then click on ! mark that contains the information on wich lake it was caught on. Suspected cheater's will be disqualified from the competition. Oil up the reels, and let's go find some Brown Trout people! Good Luck to you all, and Tight Lines! EVENT START TIME : 18:00 CET/12.00 EST 13/7-2021 ENDS : 21.00 CET/15.00 EST 15/7-2021 The price for the winner is this Kingfisher Legacy Ti 12-3.50
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    Finally the Waggler gave me the trophy i've been chasing for so long Species : Leather Carp Lake : Bear Lake Cords : 44:50 Clip : 22 Depth : 3.15 with 60 cm Flouro Leader. Dry Mix
  17. With a pike of 10.85KG Vetrelec wins the Legacy Ti Price has been sent.
  18. It's the biggest Pike that wins, not number's which is stated in the topic.
  19. Welcome to my own hosted event. This event is hosted by myself alone, and the price is big for a lucky person. The fish you are looking for is a predator, that lurks close to lily pads. Ready to strike in a instant, and devours their own kind. I'm talking about the elusive PIKE! The rules are simple but very clear. To make this comp availble to more lower level player's the pike has to be caught on Old burg Lake. !JERKBAIT IS NOT ALLOWED! But you are allowed to use other top water lures/wobbler's/Spinners When you get a fish, take a picture that includes what type of lure that was used to catch it with, and to do that you open your keepnet. Click the fish, and click the mark as in the picture below to prove that the pike has been caught on Old Burg Lake, and not with Jerkbait. For new pike angler's. Pike's has sharp teeth and can easily chew your leader of, if it's flourocarbon or nylon. Make sure you are using a steel leader to not lose your precious lures, so you will earn money, and not lose money. The comp starts 15:00 CET/ 09.00 EST 30/6-2021 Ends 18.00 CET/12.00 EST 2/7-2021 The Price for the winner is the Kingfisher Legacy Ti 12-3.50 And picture will be taken when the reward has been sent to the winner, to prove the legitment of this comp. So sharpen your hooks and get ready to fight thoose muscles of the pike. If you have any questions regarding the competition, my ingame name is ZaoN as shown in the pictures. Best of luck to you all!
  20. Hello to you all! Forgot that I haven't made a topic saying hello to this lovely community. First of all, my friends know me by the name of Johan, and ingame my name is ZaoN I'm a hardcore fly fisherman in real life, since I live by the coast outside of Gothenbourgh on an Island. And ingame om a hardcore floatfisher man, mostly with the match rods searching for the next trophy carp most of the times! I'm a 30 year old man from Sweden, and been living the dream on my Island with my animals, dogs and cats. Some cows and chickens are included aswell. I live of my land, and grow all sorts of herbs and potatoes/cabbage/cucumbers/eggs. If im not online, I'm most asured on the hunt for my next big Sea Trout, as my PB is right now 5.757kg and 72 cm long. Tight Lines and take care!
  21. Thank you for thoose kind words Chrisv67. Glad you liked it!
  22. Hello And welcome to this guide regarding floating after Sturgeons. This guide will take you through the basics of using the Waggler's for Sturgeons, how to bait, what rods/reels that works. Float fishing after Sturgeons can be really difficult sometimes, but also very rewarding once that trophy strikes you. It's a fun way but it's a challenge. So once again, take out your coffee/tea cup and sit back. Rods : The rods that you can use on Sturgeons are limited, due to the pressure theese heavy fishes put out. You want a strong high end rod with alot of load capacity, not just to pressure the fish but also lock and lead it in towards the shore. Therefore the ultimate rod for this purpose is Monster Match 440, with the load capacity of 65KG. You can use the Shooting Matches aswell, but do remember to use a proper line weight. The strongest point of your setup should always be your rod, because you don't want the rod to break, you want the line to snap first and not the rod. As you can see on my setup, i'm using the 60KG braided line, combined with a 65KG Rod, so the line will snap first and not the rod. That's the element that goes through all pretty much, by doing this you can use the pressure on your rod to your advantage. For Shooting Match i'd recommend a line that is around 50-55KG, and not above the load capacity of 58KG. The Plasma Match has a Load Capacity of 54 KG, wich you can use for Sturgeons aswell but with a well balanced outfit. Reels The next part is Reels, and it's also limited to theese heavy fishes, since you want a quality reel that can withstand the damage theese fishes might do to your mechanism/Friction Brake and so forth. The Venga 10000 is the ideal choice to use since it has the overall best Mechanism/Friction Brake withstand in this game. It has a max drag of 32KG. It also has a big spool, so you can use thick braided line and still have some line to fight with. Another reel worth mentioning here is the Tagara, it can be used aswell. It dosen't have the max drag of 32KG as the Venga has, but will still do the job, but it takes more damage compared to the Venga, so be aware of that when fighthing a big fish, to maintain an eye of the reel. Waggler's We'll the waggler's ive used to fish after Sturgeons are heavy ones, and there is a reason for this. When you fish for sturgeons you overdepth it, so the bait drags on the bottom and stops the float. The ideal weight for a waggler is 14g on this Purpose. I personally use the Pomor VK-14 but you can also the Silver Fish Total Cast 932-140. The main reason for the weight is that the bait you are often using are the Larvas, wich has a weight of 7g, and might be combined with a Mole Cricket, that has a weight of 5g so you want something that is heavy to balance this setup up. Therefore the ideal Waggler is a heavy one for this purpose. The Ataman Match - LED 13 can also the work, but they are not that visible combined to the other's since their body isn't that long, but they have very good lightning and are visible during night time. So if you might have poor eye sight or any other eye condition, this is an option for you, if you don't have the Pomor. Hooks I'd highly recommend the Bloody Series 4/0 Large hooks, as they can withstand alot without losing the fish. And they are my go to choice when fishing for Sturgeons, since they have an excellent hook up function. Baiting for Sturgeons As most of you know already when floating for certain species you want to bait up the water you are fishing in, and same goes for Sturgeons. This is the Dry mix im using when spoding the water for Sturgeons in Akthuba River. It's a widely used mix that works both for Bottom and Float. But I also use another Dry Mix when im float fishing for East Siberian Sturgeons wich is slightly different, but when you bait up a water make sure you are using the SPOD rocket and not the SPOMB. Since the SPOMB will drop the bait on the surface directly when it hits the water, and that might make it to drift away from the spot, not entirely sure about this function tho, but the SPOD rocket has given me results so far, and has proven to work for me. Depth and how to set it correctly for Sturgeons As mentioned earlier in the guide, you are fishing slightly different for Sturgeons when using a Waggler, it's a type of bottom fishing but with floats, let me explain it further. When you are at the spot you are going to fish, make sure you secure how deep it is. By using a Marker Rod and it works slightly different in rivers, so here is how you do it. Reel speed 5, throw it out, lock the reel and unlock it right away so the float comes up. Then lock the reel and wait for the float to stand up by itself since the river is doing it for you, or just SLIGHTLY reel it to it stands. If the float dives under, unlock the reel so it pops back up and try again, but pay attention to the depth and what it says. If the area for example says 6.10 you want to go 6.30, wich means you overdepth it and the reason for that is you want the bait to drag on the bottom until it stops so it stands still. And by doing so your float will stand up but the bait is still on the bottom, the float might however stand slighty to the right or left depending on the current, and when a fish bites it might drift away, just let it drift and pay attention to the bottom end of the float cause that will indicate to you what is going on, if the fish is still nibbling or actually eating the bait. It's the same function as it is with Carp Fishing with float, always pay attention to how the float reacts, if it goes aggresive it's taking the bait and then it's time to strike. Sturgeons bite heavy wich you'll notice on the float, and it's a strong nibble and taking the bait might be difficult for someone that hasen't got alot of experience with it. To hook the fish, you lift the rod up, press Right Mouse Button with the CTRL key at the same time and move the rod left or right depending on the river, if it goes to the right, jerk left and do the combo to hook the fish, and reverse it if the river goes left then you jerk right. Thank you once again for taking your time reading through this. Any feedback is greatly appreciated on this, and also remember im not an expert on this matter. But I do my best teaching this to other's. If you have any questions or need guidance ingame, feel free to send me a message. I also can help you through discord by sharing screens there, to guide you correctly or if you just have questions and might have trouble writing in English/Swedish. No questions are dumb. ZaoN#9542 is my discord name. Stay safe and tight lines! Your's truly ZaoN
  23. Update Hello fellow anglers! Thought it would be a good time to make an update to focusing more on smaller fish, Like bream/tench and Eel. So once again, bring out your coffee and sit back, relax and enjoy. First thing's first. Breams are one of the most enjoyed fish to go after in this game, in both terms of float fishing and bottom fishing. There is something magical about hunting them through out the night with a float, that suddenly starts hoping and bouncing. Breams eat differently each week and depending on water body, sometimes they prefer cheese, peas, garlic. It all comes down to different areas, and map. Always check the weeklys to find out what they prefer to eat, and on what map they seem to be active to be more successful. Setup : This is my current bream setup that im using. It's a well balanced one, always make sure you'r rod is the strongest in your setup. By using a float that is well balanced with the bait you are using, the indication on the float will be good, and the presentation of the bait aswell. As you can see, im using the Slider Rig option, due to the float selection. The Syberia Invis 3,5g are built for just bream fishing, also the 5.5g is a good option for this matter. They have good casting mechanics, and also are very visible during night time, and lightweight wich means that you will see clearly when a fish nibbles at them. But there is some waggler's that work great aswell for that matter. The options for Bream Fishing float's are kinda limited on normal floats, so i'd highly recommend the Syberias. I'll post some pictures of waggler's suited for this matter. Waggler's Baiting : As mentioned earlier in the guide, baiting is always a part of being a float fisherman. I tend to use a slingshot loaded with a Bream Mix. You can also throw with your hands if you are fishing within 15 meters. The slingshot is something that I use when also fishing for Carp, so it's a well invested money to target the bigger species. Rods : There is plenty of good rods to choose from, to target Breams and Tench, including Eel. I'll post some pictures of decent rods to use, and some reels to go with. First of, you want a Match Rod that can handle a Carp that might come along, cause that can happen aswell. You also want to balance the setup with the correct reel, and the right line. Try to make sure that the rod is the always the strongest point. Reels : What reel's are you going to be using then? We'll there are few options out there, some far more expensive and some more less expensive. It all comes down to your economic situation, and how much you want to invest into this matter, it's a fun way to fish for breams, and very rewarding to land a trophy Tench/Bream on Match. The key element to most of the rods are that you can only use Sizes from 1000 to 3000, so make sure you buy the right reel. Thank you, for taking your time reading through this guide. I also want to say Thanks to everybody that is supporting me, and saying nice things about the guide, it really pushes me further. Next update will contain information regarding baitfishing and Match fishing after Sturgeons. Until we meet again people, stay safe and take care. I also exsist on discord, for you to get help, and I also help via discord streaming, to guide you correctly. Feel free to add me if you want help! ZaoN#9542 Once again, tight lines and watch that float!
  24. Thank you! I still see them, but they might be removed later I guess
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