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  1. CafrowL

    Recycling bin

    This is what I mean by this thread. Then what you get back it is up to RF4 to decide as a thank you for not throwing your things in the wilderness. This is something that would be very good especially for new players, but also old players. I know there is a trash can in the inventory but this will allow you to go to this recycling bin and get something back.
  2. ok is this something new.? never happened to me before.
  3. i got some new sinker now it works
  4. So what happend to my old sinkers.? did just disaper from my inventory.?
  5. Hello. Can not change float on any of the rods that can float fish. tried restarting rf4, tried disassmembel but did not help.
  6. Hi I would like to see a a recycling bin where you can throw away old things or things you no longer use. And maybe get some money back or that you get something else back. For example I throw a broken Tagara 10000 and I get back 500silver or if I throw a Tagara 10000 that is not broken and I get back maybe 5000 silver. Or I have an old lvl 10 fishing rod that I do not use and I get some bait or silver back as a thank you for submitting it.
  7. Mosquito lake B7 Square Coords 35.49 Bait Redworm ingame name: CafrowL
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