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  1. Map: Ladoga Lake coordinates: 94:19 Bait:Red Man Tackles Quicker 4.5-007 In Game name: Ragnarocek
  2. Previously it was shown exactly as it is shown on your screenshot I'm using this info for ages and behavior is the same
  3. can you post screenshot pls ?
  4. "For articles that are consumed in portions, the total number of portions in the backpack is now displayed." Do I need to enable mentioned function somewhere ? Or is it just error in patchnotes ?
  5. any spot for ruffe guys ?
  6. nope, they can't... no staff is online on discord nor here on forums...
  7. and another question will be some weekend standalone tournament this week ?
  8. When will be last standalone tournament results published pls ?
  9. so problem is backDxDiag.txt
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