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  1. https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/202-server-maintenance/
  2. hello, try to look here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/202-server-maintenance/
  3. servers are in restart now... wait a few minutes and try again... there was a planned maintenance fyi
  4. Hello fellow anglers As title says I would like to see marker buoys in game. So I can mark place where I caught fish, or mark a hotspot. Buoys should stay at its place after relog and should be shareable to other players (maybe share function will be accessible only to prem ?). Buoy should be displayed on lake map and should have some kind of editable notes on mouseover. Buoys can be implemented to economy too (ie. player is starting with 3 buoys) and should be obtainable from tackle shop. It can be bounded to marker rod for placing a bouy to its correct place. Feel free to post your thoughts
  5. i'm from central europe , so I can't give a shot too... maybe there will be some mods from europe and we get better time for EMEA
  6. btw on top of blocking IPs it can block bad emails or domains too so it is a very useful solution
  7. proxies and VPNs can be blocked too I know one large forums where was this issue present... and was solved as described in my previous post
  8. good idea "--- 1.3: Permanent residents could be a premium feature, while renting could be for non-premium players." - it should be permanent for every player, but some of the "functions" like a fish storage or fish tank should be for premium players only that's my opinion...
  9. hello @ZedMcJack, those spamming accounts are real people and not bots, so captcha or some questions on reg. form are useless... but... there are services that are blocking "toxic" IPs and its users from registering and that is the only way how to prevent this kind of spam.
  10. another option is to implement stacking of all goods...
  11. Ladoga Lake - Zander Coords: 85:26 Fish: Setup: Fishing place:
  12. I like this idea imagine runnig all over the map swinging the butterfly net It could be fun
  13. so this is not game error, but something is wrong with your pc... I recommend to search over internet for some solutions (ie. search "unity games are not working" on google)... You can look here too: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/235-technical-faq/
  14. maybe some more details and screenshots will be helpful
  15. Hello guys, everyone who is leveling "harvesting baits" gets tons of worms. What about to be able to chop that worms and add them to a groundbait as an additive ? This can replace current Chopped worms additive, or it can "live" as a handmade additive. Crafting of additives can be bounded with new type of knife or some kind of grinder. So everything what we can harvest ing game should be used as an additive to the GB. Feel free to post your tohughts guys
  16. Try to set "Run as administrator" flag on RF4Launcher.exe in game dir and rf4_x64.exe in Game subdirectory. Right click on file -> properties -> Compatibility -> check"Run this application as administrator", then hit OK. After this try to run the game and change settings to test if it works.
  17. Hello, for pelets and sinking boilies you need to unlock classic hair rig, for pop-up boilies you need to unlock pop-up rig.
  18. Map: Ladoga Lake coordinates: 94:19 Bait:Red Man Tackles Quicker 4.5-007 In Game name: Ragnarocek
  19. where are you living pls ? because global reference rates over last four months are ~1.1USD / 1 EUR for reference see https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/policy_and_exchange_rates/euro_reference_exchange_rates/html/eurofxref-graph-usd.en.html European Central Bank
  20. @Levo_RF4 15$ = 13.88 EUR
  21. hey @Levo_RF4 can you explain why is premium time on steam (30d - 12EUR) cheaper than on standalone client (30d - 13.88EUR) ? If you want more players on standalone, this is the game changer I think...
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