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  1. Mosquito lake 67.57 egg dough justincider
  2. Mosquito lake 35.49 hot cherry 16 pop up justincider
  3. yeah some will need the scoop and some will need the shovel
  4. I think you answered your own question there. yep for bloodworms you need the bloodworm scoop
  5. justincider


    And another same spot as above same setup 15m clip
  6. justincider


    Bear lake 55.33 clipped at 15m
  7. you can get cheese at kuori at the spawn point opposite the cafe
  8. justincider


    old burg 21 67 clip 17 with fish pieces
  9. justincider


    trolling volkov 6kg chub on dodger crank, an hour later on a snatcher 4.3kg chub around same area both made weeklies
  10. justincider


    Bear Lake 44.50 clip 21
  11. justincider


    Seversky Donets river clip 13
  12. justincider


    Sura clip 15 casting between two trunks to the left
  13. yes i check the backpack during the fishing and have 17 balls in inventory then as the groundbait has run out on the feeders i open up the backpack and have 0 groundbait left
  14. Hi, when making groundbait it doesnt last in my rucksack and times out and disappears
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