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  1. Spring sale! April 21st through April 29th Discount on gold - 65% Discount on premium - 50% During the sale period, the “Happy Hour” bonus is available to all players. For premium players, the “Happy Hour” bonus is extended to 2 hours. Sale starts on Monday 21st of April at 5AM EST time and lasts until Monday 29th of April 5am EST.
  2. A total of 8 new Fish Guides have been created by the RF4 staff. They are: Winding Rivulet: In Search of Zander  Kuori Lake: In Search of Sevan Trout  Kuori Lake: In Search of Pike Belaya River: In Search of Brown Trout Old Burg: In search of Pike Old Burg: In Search of Perch Kuori Lake: In Search of Char Mosquito Lake: In Search of Gibel Carp You can find these guides and the previous guides here: RF4's Staff Guides
  3. Patch notes March 27th - Shop items such as baits, materials, foods and drinks can now be bought in quantity - To prevent the accidental purchase of one product several times in a row, a block on buying a specific item is in place until the previous purchase has been confirmed. - The return of unused items to the store has been increased to 48 real life hours after the moment of purchase. - Ready-to-use (beginner) sets have been added to the shop. The sets include sets of lures, sets of baits, and sets of rods with reels. - Rods from the manufactures Blade and Segun are added to the stores. - Implemented: the ability to view the rod handle in the backpack and the stores. - The bait harvesting algorithm has been changed and the probability of simultaneously harvesting several types of bait has been implemented. More bait can be harvested per one attempt, however the energy costs for harvesting has been increased as well. - Selecting a ticket when boarding a boat as well as choosing a ticket when extending the boat rental period has been implemented. - Implemented the visual effect of being ‘Intoxicated’ after excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. - The display of rods and reels that have been sent of for repair has been added to the backpack. Additional parameters are shown on the item such as the name of the water body at which the repair is taking place as well as the remaining repair time. - The option ‘Rod Indicator’ has been added to the game settings with a choice of three options: Hide, Show, Show for 3 Seconds. - The delayed display of player names in competitions and in chat has been reduced. - For a more accurate display of color shades, a transition was made to Linear HDR Rendering. - The game has transitioned to the latest version of the game engine Unity3D. - The game launcher includes the ‘News’ section and the ability to pause the download of the update. - Fixed: the ‘Disassemble’ button was not available for broken rods. - Fixed: with the rod in hands it was not possible to replace the reel. - Fixed: in some cases the EF TwinBells FA bite alarms behaved unnaturally. - Fixed: in the case of using a rod that had a skill bonus which would unlock a new skill, the reel could not be added onto the rod. - Fixed: in some cases after a fish attack broke off, the bait disappeared from the setup. - Fixed: in competition chat, the chat of blacklisted players was still shown. - Removed the upper weight limit for cafe orders.
  4. LadyofGames


    Dear fishing friends! Each of us like to fish in their own way. For some of us it is the passion for the sport, the competitive spirit, the drive to break an old record and to set a new one. It is the hanging out with friends and boast about our latest catches. It is the opportunity to spend time together, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and rest from the everyday worries. And then it’s the gathering of friends among a campfire, sharing meals and laughter and plenty of drinks. At the moment, players (ab-)using the alcoholic drinks in the game hardly feel and notice any side effects. This will be changed, though. Soon, the effect of your drinking behavior ingame will show on your monitor! Let’s grab another drink!
  5. LadyofGames


    Dear Russian Fishing 4 friends! It has been a while since we last shared news about RF4. As you already know, at this stage of the game development, we concentrate most of our efforts on finalizing the game balance, correcting errors and optimizing the game. But we do not forget about the necessary additions and changes. Today we would like to bring to your attention a few new features of the game, which we hope will add comfort and pleasure to our players. At the moment, probably the most painful topic for all players is bait harvesting. As we promised, in the near future this aspect of the game will change quite a lot. We will give players the opportunity to harvest various baits at the same time and in much larger quantities than before, but the energy costs for harvesting will be increased. Also, we managed to work on the store and made it a little easier to use. And, of course, we do not forget to work on the bugs and fixing them as much as possible. Tight lines for now!
  6. LadyofGames


    Where we’re going Dear friends, Our team would like to share some thoughts for the near future of our game “Russian Fishing 4”. We’ve decided that the time has come to switch our full attention of creating new content for the game to making improvements to the game. In particular we will focus on game processes, player experience, balancing of the water bodies, fish activity in the water and on the hook, and bug fixes. This does not mean that we will stop creating new features and content, though. Right now many of our players experiencing disconnects and time-outs and we are analyzing the situation and performing work to eliminate it by switching to a new protocol. In addition, we understand that at the moment players find themselves in uncomfortable situations when fighting big, heavy fish. To help manage this we will be adding new tackle and tackle parameters which will help to catch large species but will not go beyond realism and common sense. We will revisit and make necessary changes and tweaks to the fish behavior algorithms so the landing process will be different and become more “friendlier”. These changes will also help with the situations of the fish getting off the hook as the fight with the fish progresses longer. Many players have been curious about changes to the bait harvesting ability. To fight against players using cheats and mods, we have started to implement techniques to counter these. At this moment we are tweaking the system and its algorithm so it will not hurt honest players and their experience in our game. We ask our players to understand and remember that the Russian Fishing 4 world is created in such a way that fish behavior and priorities can change depending on many factors. From time to time to make necessary changes and implementations, we are forced to reset the game world manually which can also lead to changes in fish behavior. We thank you for your understanding.
  7. Patch notes update December 5 - On Belaya River additional work was carried out to increase the activity of fish. - Improved physical model of Lamprey. - On Akhtuba River the character movement algorithm along the water edge has been improved. - Increased boat maneuverability. - Returned the "Throw Away" button on the screen with the detailed information about the fish in the keepnet. - Fixed models of casting rods manufacturer Zeiman. - Fixed. The Trident Admiral 8000s coil rotor did not rotate. - Fixed. On Akhtuba River and Volkhov River on the water surface did not display the splash animation when groundbait was thrown inl. - Fixed. On Belaya River the locations “North Island” and “Southern Cape” were not available. - Fixed. In the public profile of the player lists of trophies were incorrectly displayed. - Fixed. In the trophy rank of the player, the type of fish was that taken out of the game is no longer displayed. - Fixed. When the organizer removed a player from the list of participants in a team competition, the readiness flag of each of the remaining participants was not reset. - Work was carried out on the introduction of diagnostic tools to identify the reasons for the increase in the number of disconnections from the server and timeouts when executing queries. - After restarting the server, the fish can change their habitat.
  8. LadyofGames


    Loach This fish lives in the water bodies of the European Continent; it can also be found in South and East Asia. Loach prefers quiet rivers, silty and shady lakes. It is mainly active at night. It feeds on crustaceans, insect larvae and other fish's eggs. The loach has a long snake-like body covered with small scales. Its round fins are covered with small brown specks. The color of the fish depends on its environment. The average length of an adult fish is 15 - 20 cm. Some rare specimens can reach 35 cm in length.
  9. - A new water body has been added to the game - Akhtuba River. The water body is available for players level 28 and up. - 20 new fish species have been added to the game – they inhabit Akhtuba River. - Lake Ladoga is now accessible to players who have reached level 26. - The access level to some gear has been lowered - The fish activity on Belaya River has been increased. - For each of the water bodies, a display of a tackle ratings has been implemented. - Species ‘Silver Bream’ has been removed from the game. - New rods from the manufacturer Kama have been added to the stores. - New rods from the manufacturer Zeiman have been added to the stores. - Baits from the new manufacturer Atomic have been added to the stores. - Manufacturers Volkoff and Kiruuna have expanded their lures range. - Some spinning reels from Zeiman and Trident are changed. In place of the discontinued models, new spinning reels have been released with improved features. - The crafting of handmade lures has been expanded. New recipes are added for crafting deep-diving lures. - In the grocery stores the section "Medicines" has been added. - The price of some rods has been adjusted. - The maximum test of some match rods has been increased to 250 grams. - The trophy weight of the following fish have been increased: Ide, Salmon, Catfish, Asp. - The market price of the following fish have been increased: Salmon, Grayling, Brown Trout, Asp, Catfish, Taimen, Chinese Sleeper, Bleak, Dace, Kuori Char. - For some fish species the bait effectiveness has been reconfigured. - All new items in stores are now marked with a special icon. - Added recipe “Marshmallow on a stick”. - Added recipe “Lamprey baitfish”. - Added the crafting of leaders. For this purpose, the necessary tools and consumables are available on the market. - Implemented display components of the leader. - A new type of competition has been added – team vs team - In addition to displaying the player’s level next to his game name, a display of his trophy rating (the number of fish species among the trophies caught) and PvP rank has been added. - The display of the statistics of caught fish has been added to the public profile of the player (section “Catch”). - The display of captured trophies in each of the water bodies has been implemented (section “Trophies”). In the case where the player has caught all the trophies of one water body, they are given a memorable award. - To improve the convenience of finding the right gear, the stacking ability has been added to the game. - Improved physical model of boats. - Implemented the function “Push Off” for stranded or stuck boats. - In the game settings, the New Message sound control button has been added. - Fixed. In some cases, when a fish came off the hook while fishing with live bait, the live bait was lost. - Fixed. Errors in localization for English, Spanish, Polish and Dutch were adjusted. - To implement the above changes, the game world has been reset. Due to this, the fish may change its preferences for baits / lures and habitats. Attention! Gold and premium discounts are valid until 4AM EST 12/03/2018.
  10. Beloribitsa Whitefish Also known as Stenodus Leucichthys. This is a semi-anadromous fish of the salmon family (Salmonidae). It inhabits the waters of the Caspian Sea Basin. It is a valuable commercial fish. The basis of the juvenile whitefish's dite are crustaceans, as well as insect larvae. Adults feed exclusively on fish. It has an elongated, spindle-shaped body of silver color, brownish-blue back and a white belly. The dorsal and caudal fins are brownish-gray, all others are gray colored. An adult whitefish can reach 130 cm in length and weigh up to 14 kg.
  11. Stellate Sturgeon The representative of the sturgeon family. Habitat - basins of the Caspian, Black and Azov seas. The basis of the diet of stellate sturgeon is crustaceans, adults also feed on fish. The characteristic appearance of this fish is due to the highly elongated shape of the nose, the length of which is about 60% of the entire length of the head. The back of stellate sturgeon, as a rule, is black-brown, the sides are light, the belly is white. Stellate sturgeon is somewhat inferior in its size to most sturgeon. The average weight of stellate sturgeon is about 7-10 kg, however, some individuals reach a length of more than 2 m and a weight of 80 kg.
  12. Small Southern Stickleback This fish inhabits the basins of the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas. It prefers shallow water bodies with abundant aquatic vegetation. It feeds on insect larvae, crustaceans, mollusks, and can also eat fish eggs and aquatic plants. The body of the fish is covered with small bony plates. On the back there are 8 to 11 separate prickles, bent in different directions. Its back is olive green, the sides are light-colored. Adult fish can reach 7 cm in length.
  13. Short-headed Barbel It belongs to the carp family of fish. Its habitat - the Caspian Sea Basin. The short-headed barbel's primary diet is molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic insects' larvae. It has an elongated snout and is large in size. Its back is dark, and the lower part of the sides is light. The length of an adult fish can exceed 1 m and weigh up to 21 kg.
  14. Shemaya Also known as Chalcalburnus Belvica. This is a semi-anadromous type of fish. It is found in the basins of the Black, Caspian and Aral Seas. In rivers, it prefers locations with fast currents. It feeds on insects, mollusks, pelagic caviar, larvae and young fish. Shemaya has a tall and thin body and a small head. The back is olive-brown, the sides and belly are silvery. The length of an adult Shemaya reaches 32 cm, and can weigh up to 390 grams.
  15. Persian Sturgeon This fish inhabits the basins of the Caspian and Black Seas. The Persian Sturgeon's primary food are crustaceans and fish. It has a more massive, slightly drooping snout when compared to the Russian sturgeon. Its back is greyish-blue in color. Its belly is white. Adult fish can reach 2 meters in length.
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