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  1. maddawgs34

    Hot Spots

    I haven't tried in a while on mosquito but the reeds at camp usually are good for roach, ruffe, and white bream. also 80:99 at winding has been really active with blood worms for all different species
  2. maddawgs34


    Another one same spot and gear only thing i notice is both were between 0200-0700
  3. maddawgs34


    Species beloribitsa Whitefish Location: Akhtuba 44:150 Clip: None max cast Bait: Gudgeon
  4. I think that rod is from the Christmas event
  5. awesome thank you! ill have to check it out at the least
  6. maddawgs34


    bear lake 44:50 clip 20
  7. maddawgs34


    Amber lake 57:138 clip 20m
  8. I've had good luck on the beach directly across the street from fish market as well at a 25-30m clip with coco pop ups
  9. even the pond? i was doing good there before last update
  10. Try drifting the 15m hole to the top right of map also drifting down the 8m channel bottom right of the map. Got a 38kg cat and lost an even larger cat. I have not had any issues catching fish. Trolling tuba yesterday for two hrs irl 100 fish net of marker herring, asp, capsian trout, perch, pike.
  11. maddawgs34

    Hot Spots

    Fish Species: Grass carp, Common carp, Buffalo, random Tench Water Body: Akhtuba Coordinates: 123:135 Clip: 20 Lures / Bait: Classic hair rig w/ Halibut 18 pellet, Crab and mussels soluble, and mussel dip Slow bite during rain but otherwise 24/7 action
  12. maddawgs34


    Akhtuba. clip 20
  13. anyone hitting the black spine herring or capsian trout with any consistency atm? been searching for days for a capsian/asp hotspot
  14. Yes I've been catching them in the 7.3m hole.
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