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  1. stuarty35


    new update - The balance of populations on the Sura River was adjusted, fish on this reservoir could change their habitats and baits preferences. - The price of Russian Sturgeon is reduced by 10% wow sounds really good this game is trash could be such a good game if it were not for money grabbing just as well i dont play this anymore wish i could get the money back that i put into this game such a rip off
  2. well since i got no response from you i have uninstalled the game thanks.
  3. just got off the phone with my bank stopped payment because Russian fishing was flag as fraudulent merchant this is what my bank has told me so I will not be making any more payments for this game
  4. hi having a problem paying for gold with paypal when I tried to pay it said card declined I phone paypal said it was the merchant I also checked with my bank they said the same
  5. stuarty35


    what about a button u can press to pack all three rods away at once rather than having to reel each rod in
  6. its ok it just took longer than usual
  7. i have just bought some gold 10 gold 18.50 and it hasn't registered got the transaction email from paypal to say that it was payed but not on my profile it usually instant i also got 30 days pre and it worked fine but not the gold
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