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  1. arcturus

    Report a Bug

  2. arcturus

    Report a Bug

    related to my previously reported problem with game not saving options: in my 'AppData\Roaming\RussianFishingLLC' there are two folders, one named RussianFishing4 and the other RussianFishing4EN, first one contains Preferences.dat and Settings.dat files, 2nd folder contains Session.dat Settings.dat and 'temp' folder whenever i edit my in game options the game changes the settings.dat in the RussianFishing4 folder but when i start the game it loads the settings.dat from RussianFishing4EN folder hence nothing i change in game actually loads after game restart
  3. arcturus

    Report a Bug

    done both, neither fixed it (i made backup of the setting file so at least i keep my graphic settings...)
  4. arcturus

    Report a Bug

    does not help, also no other options i change are saved, it was working for me before the ladoga update tho
  5. arcturus

    Report a Bug

    when i change the second hotkey for "put on rod pod" (to mouse4 button) it switches back to default num0 every time i restart the game client
  6. arcturus

    Explaining the New Repair System

    what are we supposed to do with rods that due to extended use accumulated so much wear and their load capacity is no longer viable for our needs with this new system? are the rod prices gonna stay the same? are reels still gonna be so easily damaged?
  7. arcturus


    please share which boilies are dominating now, would love to try them out
  8. arcturus

    White Bream

    white bream on a rubber foam jig, i suppose this is not a bug just very rare occurrence?
  9. arcturus


    scroll up to my post on first page where i quote lady of games
  10. arcturus


    yeah they said january 24th that boilies which we already have in inventory will work and wont be refunded or deleted.... why are you trying to be so edgy man? boilies were in the shop for much longer than 'next patch' and ppl kept buying them, now they drop this 'old boilies dont work anymore' bomb despite what was said before btw i didnt stockpile them im just against such thing in general, the game lets you buy stuff for gold (real cash) and disabling something that someone could potentially have spent money on seems wrong
  11. arcturus


    there happens to be some kind of dissonance between what is said here and what the russian devs do with the game
  12. arcturus


    i vaguely remember devs saying existing boilies will still be usable, whats going on here why do i feel like were are being made fools again
  13. arcturus

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    anyone ever tried the ultra light spinning rods? whats the point to them? is the 100% xp bonus really worth risking such a week rod? i have a feeling i would spend 1,7k silver for a rod and reel that could be easily broken by even a small pike
  14. arcturus

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    some of the stat names on rods are bit cryptic, stiffness is not how much they bend but how thick the material is, i was confused until i saw this video
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