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  1. Bear lake - Grass carp - Common carp Location: 55:63 clip: 21 North Setup (hinged stiff) 29kg grass/common 2/0 hook / 28kg grass s1 hook
  2. Akhtuba river - Kessler's Herring Location: 58:134 Cast: 60-70% Depth: 17cm Setup
  3. Lower tunguska river - Broad whitefish Location: 149:65 ( anchored in boat) Clip: none casted 15-20% east letting the float drift Depth: 1.5m Setup:
  4. Amber lake - Common Barbel Location: 83:145 Clip: 35 NW Setup( hinged stiff rig)
  5. Amber - Common carp Location: 83:145 Clip: 35 Cast towards peg at other side Setup(hinged stiff)
  6. I've had a few snaps due to doing this, Great idea +1!!
  7. Akhtuba River 131:121 Grass cake pellets 14 + Spring herb 15 JaggedRiz
  8. Bear lake - White bream Location: 54:27 Clip:21 Setup(hinged stiff):
  9. It's known, on a few maps there is spots where you can fall in the water and it teleports you back to the "base".
  10. Mosquito - Perch Location: 80:72 Clip: 38 NE Setup
  11. Old burg - Black carp Location: 21:67 Clip:17 SW Setup hinged stiff
  12. You're welcome, to unlock it on feeder/carp rod you need to unlock bait rig on bottom fishing. Tight lines!
  13. Try checking on a match rod, you don't need to invest points to use an unlocked rig.
  14. Buy sinkers from tackle store
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