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  1. Map- Norwegian Sea Co-Ordinates - 865:462 (ish) I6 215 hole Bait- fire gummi eel 8/0 01 IGN - JaggedRiz
  2. I shall try that and see if I can improve the way I use the rig, thank you for the reply and information. Lots to learn on this new map and any day I learn something new is a good day, Thanks again. I get a lot of this due to not noticing bite too and if I don't see the " fish got away" in chat I carry on fishing not knowing I've got no bait on until checking.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug but seems very unrealistic. While fishing with the marine bottom rig it is hard to tell if you have a bite/fish on as there is no take/run or atleast not for me so far, it seems the only way to tell if you have a bite/fish on is if the " movement in bottom" text disappears or pressing "r" ( reel speed ) constantly. is this intended or not? Side note: I've not left this map since it was released it's amazing work, big up for the rf4 team!
  4. I noticed the attraction element from the pilker rig stays on the rig when you switch to marine bottom rig.
  5. I'm fishing with this setup and just got cut twice ( hook was the 4/0 ) Twice in a few mins I was cut off by fish teeth after reeling it half way in and the fishes at a guess was around 500g or less guessing by the tension. The spot I'm out at seems to be all eelpout so far. I know you can't tell me any fish info and I'm not asking but if you can check my profile within 15mins previous to this post and see if this is a bug or intended. Losing silver very fast getting 2 cuts in a short time. Thanks
  6. Seversky Donets River 73:161 bait: nature zebra mussel meat IGN: JaggedRiz
  7. That explains it than, cheers for the reply.
  8. This is just one of many but records are getting spammed with fish that are not really records
  9. Seversky donets river 39:132 bark beetle larva JaggedRiz
  10. Tunguska Muksun Location: 81:100 full cast Depth: 1.40 Setup:
  11. https://rf4game.com/ Click login and after you login it will take you to the above screen.
  12. Map: Kuori Lake Coordinates: 120:114 Bait: Nature Mayfly larva In game name: JaggedRiz
  13. Yes I misread, my bad. It will only teleport you back if you're on the boat at the time it expires, not if you're on land. Cheers for pointing it out otherwise I would of given wrong info.
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