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  1. Something needs doing as the forum is becoming unuseable due to the high levels of spam, I now tend to wait until it's been removed by an admin before bothering to read anything. I can understand it will be just as frustrating for admin too having to remove it all the time. When we click to ignore post from a user it still shows in unread post, Any way to set it so that if we ignore a user it removes it from the "unread" section? No idea if this is possible.
  2. JaggedRiz


    Yes it was not a bug it was removed due to it causing issues. I replied more so you can see the admins reply as it answers the question you asked.
  3. JaggedRiz


    Bear Lake - Crucian Carp Location: 55:63 Clip: 22 North Bait: Smart collies sweet cream 16 pop-up + Mad Mayers Honey Cream 18 Pop-up + Old pal Cream dip Fish: Setup: Hinged stiff 60cm leader
  4. JaggedRiz


    Ah must be than, thanks for letting me know. I see only this and only for Kelly's recent posts: Edit: Ignore it now seems to be working fine now.
  5. JaggedRiz


    Not sure if it's just for me but your screen shots are not showing @Kelly S
  6. It's news to me too but very good to know.
  7. To prevent breaking more make sure your line/leader is a lower max kg than your rod/reel and do not lock the reel. e.g If your rod/reel is 10kg max load and you use line/leader of more than 10kg with the rod/reel will be the first to break. You can use lines stronger than your reel if you use the drag correctly.
  8. JaggedRiz


    Old Burg Fish: Tench Location: 70:50 clip 7 Slightly west of North Bait: Honey dough Ground bait: Corn flour - Coco & Cream feed pellets (5/7/12) / Cheese - Corn liquor Setup:(Ignore the fish pieces)
  9. I read somewhere that wear on the line guides causes line to wear faster.
  10. Forgot to mention I've had a few ide at the bream spot (73:77 clip 20 ) before but unsure if it's active now but worth a try and good luck getting your catch.
  11. Caviar,Prawns,Oyster boilies etc are usually good if I remember right. Had a fair few trophies with garlic & mussel pop up 16 with the mussel corn+dip but that was at Amber.
  12. Bream hotspot: 73:77 clip 20 Baits: Garlic dough / Pea porridge Groundbait: Basic bream mix Keepnet (1 and half hour): Setup: Loop rig
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