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  1. Try checking on a match rod, you don't need to invest points to use an unlocked rig.
  2. Buy sinkers from tackle store
  3. The Amber lake 169:83 Caviar flavor yellow (corn) JaggedRiz
  4. Click "more details" at the bottom it breaks it down.
  5. Map: Volkhov Coords: 95:39 Bait: Nature NightCrawler ign: JaggedRiz
  6. Volkhov - Vimba Location: 95:39 Clip: 25 south Setup:
  7. Map: Volkhov Coords: 95:39 Bait: Nature Caddisfly ign: JaggedRiz
  8. Volkhov - White-eye Bream Location: 71:100 Clip: 25 south Setup:
  9. The amber lake - Common carp Robbed of a blue tag by just a g's Location: 84:147 Clip 35 NW Setup: Hinged stiff rig
  10. No matter what groundbait you select it seems to show the number for your total combined groundbaits. Example I have 48 of these It will still show 21.9k no matter what gb you select
  11. The amber lake - Ide Location: 120:155 Clip: 20 Just right of south ( forward) Setup: Hinged stiff rig Baits: 1: Caviar red+yellow corn 2: Caviar red corn 3: caviar yellow corn Net:
  12. Common carp - info as above.
  13. The amber lake - Common barbel Location: 67:157 peg 1 Clip 35 SE Setup: Hinged stiff rig Some caught using Garlic & mussel pop up 16 + caviar pop up 16 / Garlic & mussel pop up 16 + Oyster pop up 16. Net:
  14. The amber lake - Common carp Location: 85:147 clip:35 nw ( towards peg 1 at the other side) Setup: Hinged stiff rig
  15. That's right I've only seen pop ups in the bottom right corner of starting and ending if I was on at the exact time it started/ended, not important though as if you're in you're all set. good luck with it.
  16. You only get a little pop up in game if you're in-game at the time it starts so if you joined it and it's started you're good to go.
  17. I never got lucky with the gifts and won't use most of it but it's a free bit of fun and something different, we would all love to get a venga in a bag but it's just a lucky few and it's fun to try your luck. We do have the option to fish for them or not as it's a very limited spot/gear and most of the gifts would help newbies out a lot.
  18. The amber lake - Frame-sided carp Location: 84:146 Clip: 35 NW (forward) Setup+pva (hinged stiff rig):
  19. Ladoga archipelago - Ripus 242:315 Cast: SE (forward) I was not clipped but about clip 30 Depth: 1.60 Setup
  20. Common roach ( same info as quoted )
  21. Ladoga archipelago - Bream 242:314 Clip: 25 SE Setup:
  22. Old burg 56:49 old pal creme brulee 8 + old pal vanilla 8 JaggedRiz
  23. 95:140 clip: 8-10 Common roach (slow spot but had only 3 roach and all trophies) the big gap os because I was moving around.
  24. Map: Ladoga Lake Coordinates: 41:48 Bait: Red man tackles nasty worm 4.5-003 I.G.N: JaggedRiz
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