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  1. Tackle store, you can find this shop at 87:155 at serversky, it's under baits or just use the search to the left and type "peas"
  2. I'm currently at Seversky donets river and peas are in stock here to buy
  3. The chat is not showing any fish caught by any player.
  4. Also having this issue, is the server down? Edit: Never mind I've just noticed "Connectivity Issues - There are currently connectivity issues"
  5. I'm also confused as to what this means, I assume it means drifting will no longer catch fish?
  6. Old burg 43:32 Bait: Van Zendt Vanilla pellet 8 + Old pal Vanilla 8 JaggedRiz
  7. Unrelated to this topic but the new weekly challenge has not unlocked for white bream (Start of the challenge: 11/23/2020 at 08:00 EST (14:00 CET))
  8. Would it be possible for those who join a comptition to get a notification on the forum (the bell) once the calculation is finished and the results are up? If so it would be very handy.
  9. It would be a great addition to be able to choose a darker theme.
  10. Caught this when I was fishing for donets ruffle, 77:163 - clip 10
  11. Seversky Donets River 77:163 Redworm JaggedRiz
  12. Mosquito Lake Exact coordinates: 45:63 Bait : Fly JaggedRiz
  13. Mosquito Lake Exact coordinates: 45:63 Bait: fly JaggedRiz
  14. The name of the map on which the fish was caught: Kuori Lake Exact coordinates / Grid Square, if you're trolling: 111:93 Bait: Maggot 4-001 Ingame name: JaggedRiz
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