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  1. The amber lake - Common barbel Location: 67:157 peg 1 Clip 35 SE Setup: Hinged stiff rig Some caught using Garlic & mussel pop up 16 + caviar pop up 16 / Garlic & mussel pop up 16 + Oyster pop up 16. Net:
  2. The amber lake - Common carp Location: 85:147 clip:35 nw ( towards peg 1 at the other side) Setup: Hinged stiff rig
  3. That's right I've only seen pop ups in the bottom right corner of starting and ending if I was on at the exact time it started/ended, not important though as if you're in you're all set. good luck with it.
  4. You only get a little pop up in game if you're in-game at the time it starts so if you joined it and it's started you're good to go.
  5. I never got lucky with the gifts and won't use most of it but it's a free bit of fun and something different, we would all love to get a venga in a bag but it's just a lucky few and it's fun to try your luck. We do have the option to fish for them or not as it's a very limited spot/gear and most of the gifts would help newbies out a lot.
  6. The amber lake - Frame-sided carp Location: 84:146 Clip: 35 NW (forward) Setup+pva (hinged stiff rig):
  7. Ladoga archipelago - Ripus 242:315 Cast: SE (forward) I was not clipped but about clip 30 Depth: 1.60 Setup
  8. Common roach ( same info as quoted )
  9. Ladoga archipelago - Bream 242:314 Clip: 25 SE Setup:
  10. Old burg 56:49 old pal creme brulee 8 + old pal vanilla 8 JaggedRiz
  11. 95:140 clip: 8-10 Common roach (slow spot but had only 3 roach and all trophies) the big gap os because I was moving around.
  12. Map: Ladoga Lake Coordinates: 41:48 Bait: Red man tackles nasty worm 4.5-003 I.G.N: JaggedRiz
  13. Map: Ladoga Lake Coordinates: 41:48 Bait: Heaven Creek Maggot 4-003 I.G.N: JaggedRiz
  14. Map: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 71:130 Bait: Mayfly + bark beetle larva I.G.N: JaggedRiz
  15. Map: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 71:130 Bait: Mayfly + bark beetle larva I.G.N: JaggedRiz
  16. Bear lake - Mirror carp Location: 55:63 Clip: 22 Setup: (hinged stiff)
  17. If you have registered for the comp and are in game at the start time of the comp you get a little pop up in the bottom right corner telling you it's started and the same when it ends but only if you're in game at the time, you don't have to be in game at the exact start time to participate. Just fish within the time it states, You can check if it's started via " my account" and if the status is "started" that means it's running, at the finishing time the status will change to "calculation in progress" and once results are all in the status will change to "rewarding" at that time you can click on the tournament you joined and click the results button (same place the register button was" this will show you all the results just like in the screenshots in the original at the top of this page. Basically just register for the tournaments and fish within the stated time and you're all good.
  18. Lastest news from an admin is they expect servers to be back up around 5pm CET.
  19. Servers are down due to rf4 fixing some issues I believe, down for all not just you.
  20. Lower tunguska river 16:116 Nature stonefly larva + redworm JaggedRiz
  21. Belaya river - Brown trout Location: 71:37 Speed: 40 3 turns with pause Setup:
  22. Belaya river - Dace Location: 70:34 full cast Depth: 40cm Setup:
  23. Akhtuba river - Zander Location: 63:133 clip 19 Setup:
  24. Old burg - Frog Location: 07:66 Cast: 40-45% Depth: 17cm Setup
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