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  1. To put a clip on the reel so you only cast as far as the clip you've set, to set the clip hold ctrl and use +/- Press F1 to see all controls.
  2. Belaya River - Common roach Location 71:68 Clip: 12 Setup: Classic hair rig
  3. Ignore the report it is my mistake in getting the dates wrong I've fished 20-21 instead of 19-20, I was messaging a player on the day I was looking for the above fish and after checking it was the 21st, My bad.
  4. Hi I took part in this tournament but I'm pretty sure I caught all 27 fish within the tournament time but results show I caught 22. Rather I've made a mistake in time or some fish have not recorded. Examples: I had a small asp on a spiker lure but thats not there, A zander on bleak from the 4.5 hole, Crucian from the pond and a common carp from camp fire area. Have I made a mistake or has some just not recorded due to a bug?
  5. Belaya River - Burbot 73:47 Clip: 70 East ( full cast may not be the full 70m) Setup
  6. Maybe try increasing the drag and reel in as you may not be getting snagged and it might be a case of fishing in silt/sludge so the weight sinks a little into it and takes a little more drag to get it out, there is a lot of silt/sludge spots at old burg for example if it doesn't happen at 35:58 but does happen at 47:20 than it will just be due to the bottom type. you can check bottom types with a marker rod.
  7. Map: Kuori Lake Fish: Common Minnow Coordinates: 109:117 Bait: Bark beetle larva Clip: 8 Setup:
  8. Map: Kuori Lake Coordinates: 109:117 Bait: Bark beetle larva I.G.N: JaggedRiz
  9. Map: Kuori Lake Coordinates: 109:117 Bait: Bark beetle larva I.G.N: JaggedRiz
  10. CTRL + Right click is to strike (lift the rod up fast to set the hook). Works on any rod that uses a reel but more used for match/bolognese rods. I don't think it does anything on a telestick(anybody can correct me if I'm wrong).
  11. JaggedRiz

    feeder bug

    Just to add to this for more information, I've noticed if I switch waterbodies with rods casted out this bug happens but if I reel in the rods and then switch waterbodies with the rods out of the water it doesn't happen and the groundbait/pva shows as it should.
  12. One off the trophy card! Belaya river - Ruffe Spot: 66:30 Clip: 15 Setup: Lots of gibel carp in this spot
  13. Old burg - Grass carp Spot: 21:67 Clip: 15 Direction: SW Setup: ( hinged stiff rig )
  14. Winding rivulet - Perch Spot:73:88 Reel speed: 34 ( 1 turn jig step no speed up ) Setup:
  15. Last comment on page 2 has the answer.
  16. The Amber lake - Bream + Roach Location: 124:66 Clip: 25 NW Setup:
  17. Akhtuba River - Sichel Location 142:41 Depth: 80cm Cast: 50-60% Setup:
  18. Map: Akhtuba River Spot: 142:41 Bait: Mayfly + Bark beetle larva IGN: JaggedRiz
  19. Map: Akhtuba River Spot: 142:41 Bait: Mayfly IGN: JaggedRiz
  20. Map: Akhtuba River Spot: 142:41 Bait: Mayfly IGN: JaggedRiz
  21. Bear lake - Grass carp Location: 55:63 Clip:22 Slighty west of north Setup: Hinged stiff
  22. Only shows if you hover the mouse over it it "my account" or atleast thats the only way I know. Otherwiese your best option is to ask an admin.
  23. Seversky donets river 116:121 Bark beetle larva JaggedRiz
  24. Seversky donets river 58:141 (In the lillies) Bark beetle larva JaggedRiz
  25. Login here https://rf4game.com/account/ Click the pencil/edit on the pic
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