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  1. Akhtuba river - Grass carp Location: 126:134 Clip: 21 south Setup (classic hair rig)
  2. Akhtuba river - Bighead carp Location 126:133 Clip 21 south Bait Grass cake pellet 14 + Spring herb 15 Also great spot for Silver carp Setup Classic hair rig
  3. This would be a great addition to the game, nice suggestion.
  4. This question was asked on discord a few days ago and the answer from admin was something like " If you can register you can participate " I'm "other regions" and taking part myself.
  5. You need to buy the corn flour base from groundbaits section at the tackle store.
  6. Name: JaggedRiz Spot/Lake: Ladoga 61:33 Bait: Nature mayfly larva
  7. Use the mouse scroll wheel, you have to set the clip for a slingshot.
  8. Winding - Zebra Mussel 90:104 clip 8 north Bark beetle larva
  9. Amber - Common carp - Mirror carp 65:113 Clip 35 NW Fish: Setups: Classic hair rig
  10. Thanks for looking into it. Does this mean it will be recalculated for old burg Tench/Bream/Burbot or just made void?
  11. Comp was for old burg Tench/Burbot/Bream Results are for ASP/Caspian brown trout Screenshots
  12. Edit: I posted too late so removed to save confusion.
  13. Name: JaggedRiz Map: Old burg Coordinates: 47:20 Bait: Banana 26 pop up + Banana 20 pop-up
  14. If you have any steering wheels/pedals or similar try unplugging those.
  15. Lower Tunguska Siberian Dace 80:101 35cm depth - Drifting with current Setup
  16. Fully understand it's a forecast and it may differ to what really happens I just thought both forecast should forcast the same thing for the same place/time hence why I thought it was a bug but if it's intended just ignore the post and close it.
  17. Not sure if this is classed as a bug or of any importance but will report anyways. The weather(temps) is different in the "changing lake" section to the "esc" section Both screens taken at the same time.
  18. Check this out that was done by another player, great for all types of information including a spreadsheet on groundbait for each/most fish: Kiltedjocks sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zP41qcHAHKnqYV4r6JuJ5vrqMeux2FLN9pLY3C54_Uc/edit#gid=1797575251 Also tons of useful links here:
  19. Bear lake 55:31 clip 17 rig: Hinged stiff 60cm leaders Mirror carp Setup Barbel Setup PVA Thanks for the spot/setups @Kole S
  20. Congrats, what spot and setup please?
  21. Name: JaggedRiz Lake: Old Burg Coordinates: 35:58 Bait: Pieces of fish
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