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  1. hello. i have ben trying to get a character transfer but seam to get no further response. i already have a low lvl acc in the rf4 platform but i want my lvl 20 steam acc transferred to rf4 platform. how long could i expect ?
  2. i struggle to figure out how foods work. what food for what? and is the only way to raise comford drinking alcohol ? i stand by the bonfire and see comford slowly raise but how do i raise energy and comford when in a boat. what are the best foods and drinks ?? meny thanks lars
  3. thanks it is nice whit some understanding.
  4. i have played for a some time now and i store is always out of stock. there is nothing and im am forced to craft due the fact i dont have the skills. why are shops out of stock all time. my in game time is 48 days. no shop in the world is out of stock for so long. ofc i can buy most for gold coins but if i have to pay actual money what is the point of silver then ?
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