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  1. Can you please explain, how computer part overheating is able to target only specific models in the game like freshly caught fish, hooks in stores and dug bait but not any other screen elements?
  2. R0B07

    Fish goes away

    If you mean you are stuck on the first tutorial fish, you need to wait quite time even when the bobber disappears from view. Zoom in (Z) and try to wait at least 30s after the bite.
  3. I have the same problem. Winding Rivulet Workshop, Adriatica 5000, friction brake repair attempt. Didn't find any related error in output_log but these two messages are spammed over and over:
  4. Not really a bug, there is a small oversight in the modeling process. Inside the village, the pole with a torch, close to the fish market is floating above the ground.
  5. R0B07

    Baits Q&A

    I'm sorry, I know it's not your point but it is also highly unrealistic. Most people in real life go dig worms in rain or shortly after as they crawl out of ground. In this game, you can't dig in rain because the tea will replenish your energy to some level but it's not able to keep up with the comfort. You're practically forced to make a fire and dig near it. And, yeah, you can't make fire for free nor where you want it.
  6. I was on the same boat recently so there is my fresh experience. For 2-3kg feeder, the best is still Sorento+Spark. Its truly amazing starting setup. Non-repairable but cheap to replace. Put on 4-4.5kg line. It will carry you to higher tier gear, fishing on Mosquito as there are the best cafeteria orders. Use the best available quality (stars) hooks up to S8 maximum to be safe. It's the quantity which make your silver and skill experience, not the big fish. You need silver to skill up bait and ground bait making. Do not waste money on mediocre gear you don't need. Instead of Lacerti 4000 (5.5kg drag) I would recommend saving a bit more for Adriatica 5000 (7.5kg drag) and the better low tier rods up to 16,5kg (Palmar, Fantazia FD or Persey). With that and 150-300m line you can fish the Grass and Black Carps on Old Burg with a bit of walking but it will not damage your gear that much and it's mostly friction brake damage. In my experience, Persey + Adriatica was more than enough for 15kg Grass Carp on 11.5kg line with 9.7kg FC leader. Yes, the reel is overloaded but you'll need to learn how to properly work with the reel brake and this is a good opportunity. I don't do spinning but you generally want the best quality available to your level (still considering the weight relations between rod, reel an line) because the predators give your tackle a beating. And again, it's the quantity of "trash mobs" what gives you the skill XP and allows you to use the more profitable fishing methods.
  7. Thank you again for clear reply. I think this info should be part of beginners guide, at least the info about the tension bar. I agree the reality about 1.2-2.5 drag multipliers could be misleading but right now there is not enough choices for new players as price curve of the reels is very steep. I was very concerned about the Spark values on paper but learning the right technique I'm confident it's enough to carry me through starter water bodies (floating and feeders, not spinning) and it's also very cheap to replace, unlike the next tier of reels. I'm sure with this new information about the tension bar, my reels and lines will wear faster but I shall pull out the slightly heavier fish a lot quicker. It also answers my question why the fight with 1.5kg bream was so damn long on 5kg setup. Much obliged, It was the missing link for me. There is enough guides and videos for advanced and high level users and the progression path past beginner looks much cleaner. These elemental game mechanics should be a part of the beginner guide. I've got a lot of (remain) knowledge about fishing and casting from real life and still struggle a bit. It's a fun to explore these mechanics in game but for pure gamer with no past experience it can be a wall right on the start. I mean for example grinding for the Lacerti reel with the starter whip. It's a huge waste of time as player level is no concern, it's the silver that is needed for progression to Old Burg where Sorento + Spark starts to be on dangerous edge. My last question is about Vyatka-2 reel. What's its star quality? I like it a lot but I'm afraid to pay the price for repairing useless display piece.
  8. Awesome, thank you for very detailed reply. I though I'm supposed to keep the tension bar in yellow (sorry, I don't see green there) to reduce the wear of gear and this info is completely new for me. I've already read your guide to feeder fishing and it makes sense. But I've also read a conflicting advises about reel drag and line weight. I can divide the max reel drag to 30 (max drag) and get the kg unit. Next, I take 30% of the line max weight, divide it to kg unit and set this value to reel brake as in real life. When I hook a fish I adjust the brake considering its drag or make it loose when the fish is fighting. Why are you recommending weaker line than reel max drag if we don't apply the full brake force (lock) of the reel? As long as the line is weaker than the reel drag we never use the full reel potential and we're forced to use very low break setting. I know it's not that simple because of gear wear and reel quality. Is it only general advice for beginners to be safe? Another thing that confusing me is the setting of the hook. It seems like it is almost unnecessary in this game with exception of the float fishing. It's usually funny how most amateur anglers are setting the hook like they're fishing sharks but in this game there's no need to do it? I'm just newbie with max level 16 but even 5.5kg carp was auto-hooked on inline feeding rig. Is it different with large and extra large hooks?
  9. What is your best practice to fight the fish in this game? In my experience, its behavior is quite realistic, the fish fight less when you lower the tackle to the water surface using side action to keep the line tight and fish still under water. But it's raising the probability of lost fish. On the other hand, when you raise your tackle up, you almost never loose the fish but they fighting much harder to keep in water. It's also faster when you finally pull it on the water surface. Please note I'm not asking about hook qualities or IRL fishing practices.
  10. Hi, I've had issues with the Tip widget. Even if disabled in the settings, it always auto-pop after restart. My temporary solution is to copy already populated Preferences.dat from %AppData%\\Roaming\\RussianFishingLLC\\RussianFishing4 to %AppData%\\Roaming\\RussianFishingLLC\\RussianFishing4EN and make it read only. I also edited Preferences.dat and changed "skip": false to "skip": true at the end of the file. So far its working without any problems. The different config directories for the Preferences.dat and other setting files in standalone EN version would be the clue for devs to solve this small issue. And maybe other minor issues like the settings are properly saved if changed from login screen but not ingame.
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