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  1. Azorees

    Groundbait Q&A

    I wanted to get my GB to 100% for using PVA I was at 87.6% to start with and it cost me 300 - 400 silver to hit 100%. The cheapest and best way to level your groundbait is to just buy the last base ( basic ) you unlocked, there is no need to add in additives or attractants, this will only make it a lot more expensive. Just use the base mix and discard it after each one, that's all I did and hit 100% in no time at all. Question about PVA , how do others use PVA sticks, I use mine with a Basic bottom rig, would I get an extra benefit using it with a mesh feeder as well. For example different mix in the PVA and a different mix in the Mesh but both mixes are based around the fish your targeting, I know its twice the expense but would there be any extra benefit. PVA mix for sturgeon I found works pretty well. Base : Rapeseeds Base : Rapeseeds Additives : Casters , Chopped Worm , Dried Crustaceans , Zebra Mussel. Additives : Pellets , Chopped Worm , Dried Crustaceans , Zebra Mussel. Attractant : Crayfish Attractant : Caviar Smell . I have always made sure that Rapeseeds , Chopped Worm ,Dried Crustaceans and Zebra Mussel stays in the mix as I find these are a must when testing. I have changed Pellets, Casters and about and tried things like Flaxseeds ( these worked too ). Attractants I find work are the 2 above along with Crab and Mussel , Squid , Fish Oil and Salmon. Post your best Bait mixes and PVA mixes so others can get an idea on what you use for targeting fish.
  2. I don't know if this has been suggested before. on the lake info ( when you press escape and click the lake ) adding fish species and what size they can get too in that lake and what baits in general work good for example clicking on bear ( as its a carp pond ) would suggest using natural baits, doughs and boilies,. I don't mean list every single bait that people are catching fish on I just mean list what type of baits work. Kouri could have Trolling, Natural baits, Doughs ,Live baits . ( Live baits include bait fish and insects ), as I said you don't need to list all the lures , doughs ,and live baits used. In the fish size just add the biggest size next to the fish , for example Kouri Char could say ( Kouri Char Pic Here ) Fish size can get to 39KG <--- This is just an example size. This would help out lower lvl players that have just unlocked or about to unlock a lake as they can prepare ready to go there when they unlock it. Cheers
  3. Azorees


    Why is the Everest so expensive to repair. 24% wear on the Mech cost me 1500 silver but yet the same wear on my Alpha was nearly 4 times less. are the cogs made out of solid gold ? this would explain the price of repair and the durability being less than the Alpha. I know people will say its caused by the bigger fish you catch, but that's what its built for, I have caught some monsters on my Alpha's and they taken less damage. I only use Mono on my Everest's and Mono or fluro on my Alpha's, I have a P-Series so I can use braided line along with a couple of caster reels. The repair on the mech for the P-Series is a little lower than the Everest but the durability is a lot more and that's with using Braided line on the P-Series which also has pulled in some huge fish. I would hate to see what the repair bill is for the new Beluga reels and would be interested to see how durable they are. If I ever manage to save the silver for one
  4. Azorees

    Report a Bug

    Have you overclocked your GPU ? or CPU ? you get things like that when your GPU or CPU is getting too hot or the RAM on the GPU is running out of sync or too fast. If you have try running your GPU and CPU at default settings see if the issue goes away. I have had a couple of graphical issues on different maps but not to the scale you have shown. These small graphical issues I have had in the passed have now gone away, but mine was small like a triangular block or the end of the reeds stretching across the water level from left to right. It made them look odd but was not game changing but I also found that it was when I looked in that direction and a certain angle too.
  5. Azorees

    Report a Bug

    Bear Lake : Location 55:33 : Left hand side of reeds 26 - 27m away. Line gets caught on something but does not register as a snag, the only way out of it is either cut your line or Alt F4. This has happened twice now at 2 different times, I thought on the 1st time it was a fish but then realised that it was not a fish. I was snagged on something but the game won't register it as a snag , so the snag releasing techniques don't work. I tried for 20 mins to try an release my line and nothing worked , in the end I had to Alt F4 , this has happened twice so far. I know there are under water structures in the game but even getting caught on one of these should register as a snag and you should be able to try and release your line using the snag release techniques.
  6. Azorees

    Bear Lake

    Here's the thing about Bear imho , they say fish migrate and you need to find them. Bear is a lake , lakes are land locked bodies of water and some have a river or some sort of outlet and vary in sizes so where do the fish migrate to , bear is land locked so is there some kind of secret passage that enables them to leave the lake, because that's how it seems. Bear is known for its Carp and plenty of it I have tried many locations and still got very few fish using different baits and boilies. There are many ways to figure out Carp ( I have fished them for some time irl ) . In my experience this is how I fish them with great success. Cool rainy weather carp tend to stay mid to bottom water as the weather produces more oxygen in the water and stirs up food from the bottom. Warm to hot days no rain, they seem to be more at the surface feeding on live things like flies and other bugs ( Float fishing has produced more and better carp when like this ) also there is less oxygen in the water which is why they come to the surface. this is also the case when its hot and raining too. Cold weather they tend to hide in deeper channels as the water is slightly warmer here than mid water or top water plus they tend to feed less too as they are less active. Also Wind direction is a factor too as they seem to follow the wind so if the wind is blowing from the east you should fish from the west casting to the east because the wind blows the food in that direction and the carp follow it or fish at the west of the lake because this is where you should find most carp as they follow the direction of the food. This is what I have found when carp bashing irl , now I know that there are other players that fish irl and many probably carp lovers so maybe they could also share what techniques they use irl too. Bear needs to get back to the way it was, I don't mind changing locations to find the fish but it seems that the population gets reduced a lot at certain times and I disbelieve they are migrating because there are times when I have caught very few using stratagies used irl which I know have had good results. They say its a sim and want it to real life as possible and carp are the easiest fish to catch but on bear seem to be a rare catch sometimes. They also smell out food using a plate inside their mouth , this plate has sensors on it which help them smell out particles of food so using ground bait should produce plenty of fish. windy weather should draw them to your line too because of the vibrations of your line caused by the wind. They added a carp dominated pond so the carp should be plentiful and act like carp act irl , I don't mean catching trophies every 2 seconds or big carp every cast but still it should produce a lot of carp and not have these silly no fish periods.
  7. Azorees


    I use heavy gear because I know how hard Taimen fight irl and tbh the fish i'm after you would struggle to handle on an Alfa 8000, They can get to around 60KG but I would be quite happy with 1 around 20KG which would keep me going back for a bigger one. But as it stands at the moment a 7KG fish after the amount of time I have invested in that river just don't cut it for me, in total I have caught around 20 - 30 taimen and my biggest being 7KG and most being 1.2 - 1.7KG,which is very disappointing when you know how big they can get, maybe its one of them things where you would get it when your not targeting it ( Sods law ) lol
  8. Azorees


    I hear all your saying but why did they put the Taimen in that river , My understanding was to entice higher level players to fish there too. here's the thing I went back to Sura and fished for 30 mins and bagged 11 fish , that fish was worth 170 silver, my point being on Belaya it would take you 10x the time to get a full bag which might not be worth as much so why would I bother with Belaya, when Sura produces better quality fish with some epic fights which makes it more enjoyable to fish. I go for the big Taimen for the fight which is what I enjoy and up to now the river has disappointed me, I setup for big fish and I expect to get some good fighting fish not 1.2 - 1.7 KG fish which I can just bully in on my rig even the 7KG was a disapointing fight.
  9. Azorees


    I have not gone there expecting to catch the biggest fish in 30 mins , I have been on the river on and off since it opened and spent at least 6 hours real time fishing each time. I have tried different baits and lures along with baitmxes and setups with different hooks and sizes and to date my biggest Taimen is 7KG which I caught just before on spinning. What I am saying is that the Taimen are there for higher lvl players with heavy gear which I am and I am using heavy gear for that fish. I have not come even close to what I would call a big fish, I don't expect to catch the biggest but what I do expect is the time I have spent there to at least have a fish in double figures. Silver does play a massive part in this game, if your not earning enough to feed you or make repairs then how do you better your gear ?. If you have 2 ponds next to each other and one produces more fish than the other , which pond would be more enjoyable to fish ? What I am saying is that other ponds / rivers produce the same fish as Belaya does apart from Brown Trout and Taimen which is why I go there to fish and which is what I target. If you go to a river that has lets say a Taimen and you setup for big Taimen chances are your going to get a decent size Taimen , might not be the biggest but it will be a decent size. Setting up for bigger fish won't produce as many fish but it would produce the bigger ones, this I do understand and this is how it works irl
  10. Azorees


    We know there are fish on this river as we see people in chat catching fish. This river was supposed to be for lower lvl players and have the taimen in for the higher lvl players. I can catch everything you have in your net without a problem, but heres my problem I was using heavy gear for the heavy taimen and my biggest was 5kg. I know I was in a taimen spot at that time because I baited for taimen and setup for big taimen and yes I caught quite a few taimen but they was all small which a lvl 12 could pull in quite easy. I have tried this river on and off a few times , different locations, different setups , light and heavy and different spinning setups with lures and wobblers, and to be honest for the time spent here fishing for the reward you get I could get much more on winding and on Old Burg in less time, I don't see why any other player would waste time on earning less silver when they could quite easily earn double on other ponds / rivers. I'm only there because I want a big Taimen but once I have caught it , I would probably never go back to that river, all the regular fish are easy to catch and all could be caught elsewhere at a much faster rate.
  11. Azorees

    Technical Issues

    confirmed , everything is ok launching through RF4 launcher nothing I can see at the moment lost. its just a ball ache having to redownload and install the game again.
  12. Azorees

    Technical Issues

    I thought that , I just thrown that out to save others asking it and while I wait for this download to finish. 3% to go I hope the percentage isn't like the percentage scaling in the skills of the game otherwise I could be here all night
  13. Azorees

    Technical Issues

    now that it is 2 different launchers does this mean they are going to be on separate servers ? or are we all going to be on the same servers with the only difference being the launcher of the game ?
  14. Azorees

    Technical Issues

    I hope your right and I trust your info. does this mean I now have 2 accounts ? 1 is my main Azorees and another created just earlier Azorees.twitch.tv ? which is lvl 1. If this is the case any chance of removing the twitch.tv account as I don't see the point in having 2 accounts and I would like to keep my main.
  15. Azorees

    Technical Issues

    now i'm confused. before when launching through steam it told me my name was already in use, so I tried to create a 2nd account call Azorees.twitch.tv which gave me an error so I left it and quit. Now if I launch with steam my Twitch account is active through steam, it gave me no option to input my name, it just launched with the name Azorees.twitch.tv and started at lvl 1 in the cottage. can I use my old account Azorees with steam as I registered it on steam when it was launched or do I have to sit and wait for the slow download of this game and login with my RF4 account Azorees, as this was made well before the steam launch. I am now getting nervous with the fear all my 33lvl's and items have gone for good.
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