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  1. you say Bigger hook does not equal bigger / better fish. IDEAL hook size = better fish. but on the loading screen does the game not say and I quote " To catch bigger fish use a bigger hook " this is where people are getting that idea about using a bigger hook from. In the pond on Tuba you have some nice sized carp there, Buffalo , Common , Grass , Bighead, Silver along with other types of fish like Cats. A large 1 hook is not considered to be a big hook to fish there when a size 1/0 would suffice and even a 4/0 , but that being said hooks from medium 6 to a large 1 would be optimal hooks for that location. I have seen the same amount at various times of the day during UK times I have also seen 1 or 2 streamers streaming late at night UK time from 10 pm onwards. i'm not talking about Sponsored streamers btw as they will always get more than average amount of viewers in their stream simply because of giveaways. When I 1st started streaming a while back I saw a big list of RF4 streamers in twitch sponsored and unsponsored, I have seen them numbers get less and less and now your lucky to see 5 streamers on at any one time. I followed a lot of RF4 streamers and often I see only one of my followed streamers streaming when I used to see 10 or more at a time. There is no denying that this game has lost a lot of streamers and players like I said in my post, I still stand by what I say in my post as I find that to be a more accurate post as what many others are. I don't BS about the game I just say how I feel it is, as well as posting negative posts there has been times when I have defended the game too and I still will defend it even now if I feel some one posts a BS comment about it. There is some things that are spot on in this game but again there is things wrong with the game and at the moment the wrongs seem to be more prominent than the rights.
  2. As the title says the bodies are Sura and Bear Lake. Bear Lake Bear Lake is a dominant Carp pond and I can't understand why Loop rig is the best rig to use there. Loop rigs are used for waters with a current like slow flowing rivers , The rigs that should be best on Bear are as follows. Basic Bottom , Method ,In-Line Rig and Floats. Basic bottom would have mixed results in fish sizes dependent on hook and PVA used. Method , Would be better for bite rates but may not produce the biggest fish in the pond dependent on Ground bait and hook used. In-Line rig would be best for skittish fish and with the use of ground bait should produce Mixed results similar to that of the Basic Bottom. Once you master Loop rig , In-line rig becomes useless and never used any more, Bear Lake should be the perfect lake for in-line rig if you can't use PVA for larger fish. Floats again should produce mixed results dependent on bait/ baits and lake temps , the hotter the lake the less depth is needed as carp tend to head for the surface when its warm or too hot for oxygen. Cooler or colder weather should make bottom rigs more productive , warmer or hotter weather should make floats more productive, also wind direction should determine where the fish would be. Carp follow the wind direction because its this that pushes the food around the water body and the only main reason people fish on Bear is mainly for Carp. I'm no expert on Carp fishing but I have caught quite a few irl in the past and asked a lot of questions to fellow anglers on Carp ponds for advice on how to find them and whats working best. So this is just my opinion. Also I can't understand why you catch Barbel there as this is the least less likely waterbody to have Barbel in the game. Barbel like clear flowing stoney waters the faster the flow the stronger the fish , Belaya would be the perfect waterbody to catch the best Barbel imo. Sura River Sura since the arrival for Akhtuba is now more or less dead and is now mainly a Zander River. Sura should be the main place to catch Russian Sturgeons like it used to be and large Cat fish but now there is rarely a Russian Sturgeon from Sura in the weeklies. If it was me I would remove the Russian Sturgeon from Akhtuba and put it back in Sura as it was, Akhtuba has more than enough Sturgeon spieces already and Russian Sturgeon isn't needed there. We need to start getting players jumping from place to place , at the moment most of the high level players only fish on Akhtuba because its the only place worth fishing for high level players at this moment. All this is just my opinion and is what I feel would make the game a little better.
  3. Logged on to Twitch this morning and noticed only 2 Streamers streaming the game, 1 was followed and 1 was not. 1 Streamer had 2 viewers and the other had 4 viewers. This is telling me that players are still leaving at a fast rate, imo there are 2 main reasons for this. The biggest reason is the connection issues that lots of players are suffering from which is making the game unplayable for them. All focus should be on fixing that issue which has been around for over a year. Yes the issue was there over 12 month ago and the only thing that's changed is, instead of disconnecting you it leaves you connected unable to do anything apart from move around ( The Infamous Wheel Of Death ) this happens when you land a fish when the error occurs. There has been a lot of so called fixes which might work for a short while for people but its not a permanent fix, I have tried many of these and I still get it from time to time. There is a command you can put into the CMD which will generate a file you can forward onto RF4, this was done by lots of players a while back, me included. I have followed lots of RF4 streamers and have noticed that nearly all of them are now streaming other games instead of RF4, Surely the Devs must see this and it must ring alarm bells but still die hard players still wait for a fix. The other main reason is people struggling to find the fish they are targeting, High level players with high level gear need to be finding high level fish when using high level gear. I don't mean every cast should produce a trophy or a close to trophy fish, On the loading screen it states " to catch bigger fish use bigger hooks " when I read this it makes me lol every time. I have tested this with Floats , Spinning , Casting , and Bottom fishing and using a smaller hook produces the bulk of the bigger fish. For example in the pond on Akhtuba I found using a medium 6 hook produced bigger fish than using a large 1 hook along with a higher bite rate. What I found in my test was that the large 1 hook produced mainly untagged fish while the medium 6 hook produced mainly tagged fish some in double figures where as the large 1 hook struggled to bag a double figured fish. Same result on Belaya when using the same lure, I swapped the hook size on the Akkilia Lure to a bigger hook and instantly catching untagged fish more often than a tagged fish, swapped the hook back to a smaller hook and back to catching tagged fish again. The Devs have a great game here but I feel that its being destroyed slowly by some wrong decisions being made. I do stream the game and have done for some time and even after playing over 4000 hours I still listen to my viewers when they offer advice on what rig to use and where to use it. I am no stranger to catching fish and how to catch them but even I find it a struggle to find the fish i'm after some of the time. I used to stream 7 days a week for around 6 hours Roughly 54 hours a week , And now I only stream as and when I feel like it, this could be as little as 1 day in a week for 4 hours. My bite rate sometimes gets to none exsistant and see people with less gear and level than me catching much better quality fish, it even got that bad that I had to message a Mod and ask them to check my account and see if there is a problem with my bite rate. This was not happening just for a day or two this went on for weeks at a time which convinced me something was wrong with my account. Devs please please please sort out this game, me like other players love playing this game but its becoming impossible for even us to stay with it and we don't want this game to die a slow horrible death.
  4. The ones That Didn't Get Away Once upon a time there was an Angler called Azorees. He decided to go and try and catch some big fish, so he packed all his fishing gear up and headed of to Akhtuba River. When he got to the Sturgeon spot he unpacked and casted in with 43kg line , a 4/0 deadly loop hook and Rhino beetle lava. After some time a fish took his bait , so he decided to reel it in only to find it was a 13g Stickleback. Thinking it was a rare take and the chances happening again he casted in, and again after a few mins another fish hit. On reeling it in the line felt empty and as the line came out he found a 12g Stickleback on the line. With catching 2 sticklebacks he decided to move and go for some Catfish instead. When he reached the Catfish spot he baited up for Catfish. When he casted in and waited for a short while a fish hit the line. Azorees started to reel in only to find that the fish he had wouldn't budge even when the drag was put to 29. After a few mins the fish all of a sudden popped out of the hole and it was easy to reel in. Once the fish came in Azorees found it was only a 3.2kg Catfish. The rod and reel was a Tagara fully repaired and a Westhill Carp Dominator rod. This was an epic troll by the game
  5. Its not because of not enough updates there has been updates at a respectable rate , bare in mind to add new features, maps and reels takes time , its a multitude of reasons and the main one is the way players are being treated, for example , when a person went to a certain Q&A stream and asked a logical question about the game , they was told " if you don't like it , don't play it " and on another time we was referred to as spoiled brats . That is only 2 examples and believe me I have heard about a lot more. Its time now to give the team a chance to see if they stand by their words and try to fix what is broken, we all know that there are still bugs in the game from ages ago and it seemed that they was more focused on making you burn hard earned silver than fixing bugs. They have made a letter of a sort of apology and say they will start listening to the community good and bad, so lets just give them a chance and some time to see what happens. All we can do now is sit and wait and see which direction the team takes and only hope its the right choice.
  6. This is a real positive note for RF4 and to be honest was much needed and if all is carried out as said will only make the game stronger. --+ The job of an Admin and Mod is to police the game any support should be dealt with by the support team, Help and advice in fishing should be done through streams or the forum and if you can't find the help needed then a Mod or Admin is the last resort and should try to help as much as possible. I almost got banned from the Discord for asking a logical question and putting my point forward about a certain issue where I felt it was a Mods or Admins job to come to the rescue of some players which they had no intention of doing so. This game has one of the best communities if not one of the best it is the best in gaming and that is simply because the game has a certain difficulty level, if the game loses that difficulty level then the quality of the community will also go down. People know how difficult it is to make silver and get needed items which is why 9 out of 10 players ( streamer, Sponsored and non sponsored along with other players ) are willing to offer a helping hand. People should be allowed to express their feelings about the game and believe me I have bitched about this game a lot most comments got deleted. It is these types of posts that let the Devs and the team realise what the community wants in the game and also what is wrong with the game. Not all posts are going to be nice but again they should not be personal attacks either . I heard that people was getting their accounts adjusted to reduce quality of fish and bite rates for complaining and to be honest I thought this had or has been done to me as I have noticed that my quality of fish and bite rates have been far less that other players fishing in the same area and using all the same equipment and baits. Non sponsored streamers should get some sort of recognition even if its just a pat on the back after all they are doing this for the love of the game and to help other players out also not all players enjoy watching a sponsored streamer so its good to have non sponsored streamers around. I would love to speak more positive about the game in streams as well as my own and I do hope that this new direction taken will produce that, yes there is a lot wrong with the game as I do point out in streams but there is also a lot right with it, which I also point out too. After all that said the team is taking a step in the right direction, the team lost a lot of trust from the community which is never a good thing, there is a saying that I truly believe in " it takes only seconds to lose trust , but will take a lot longer to build that trust back up " . I do hope that the team stands by their words and starts working with the community instead of against it, Working against the community generates a lot of toxicity between players and the team. People probably thought I was being toxic about the game, This was never the case, I'm just passionate about the game and want it to do well and expand. Lets all work together and help the game become even better and more enjoyable. :)
  7. Azorees


    i was wondering what the restart was for @Azorees Patch note 03/28/2019 - Fixed: After a failed attempt at crafting baits, the items used for this were not removed from the backpack. - Fixed: In some cases competition players had difficulty connecting to the game server. - Fixed: In the team competition, the readiness was reset after changing teams. Regards, Butcherâ„¢
  8. Azorees


    I didn't say you don't get gold baits what I said is the amount is roughly the same as what you got before the update. Instead of having to click several times to get that amount you get it by a single click. heres the nerf ( sorry adjustment ) side of it. Before the patch you could drink a combo of coke , coffee and tea which let you dig for a much longer time which in turn produced more baits including gold baits along with skill points. Now they have removed the ability to do that and you get the same amount as you did on a normal dig without the drinks combo using a full energy bar. heres the other bad thing about it, people will now make a choice if to dig and hope they don't hook a big fish while they have a full food bar and no energy or forget the digging and just fish as normal. I have had it where my food bar is full and after 1 dig no energy then I hook into a 16KG cat on the tagara, because I had no energy it made the fight last 3x longer because I had to wait until I had some space left to drop a coffee in it, I had to do this 3 times before my energy started to rise enough to make the fight easier. I Expect a deletion of this post
  9. Azorees


    haha I have the same problem all my posts deleted why ? is this because we don't bow down to you, and we speak the truth about the game or make valid points ?. Learn to take criticism you need players to bitch about the mess ups you make and not praise you for everything you do. Perfect example of stopping progression from lvl 39 - lvl 40 is 19m xp points from lvl 40 - 41 90.5 xp points needed, yes I do understand that the reason was that lvl 40 was a cut off point and I get that but now its not and you have still left it at 90.5m xp needed. Problem with this game is when people start to make some good silver in one spot theres a server restart and guess what , that silver spot disappears. I have seen this before in a game and they almost lost everything then they had to make serious changes to start pulling people back, no wonder people are leaving this game and going back to Fishing Planet. Devs and Admins only want people to say whats good about the game and your not allowed to say anything when they mess it up making a change that will lose even more players
  10. Azorees


    ahh thanks Levo I must have misunderstood what it meant. I have fallen into the water by accident in the past while fighting a fish and lost that fish which is why I thought it was opening an exploit for players to jump in the water while fighting a hard fish to get in.
  11. Azorees


    I do agree with all you said. Fighting a fish for 8h is very unrealistic and yes something should be done about it. I work on facts and the fact is 8h irl is 8 days in game and fighting a fish for that length of time would be impossible unless its a super fish and a super human fighting it, Both would die irl. Angling stress occurs during the fish's fight after hooking. The vigorous physical exertion causes lactic acid wastes to build up in the fish's muscles. This in turn leads to blood acidification which can disrupt the metabolism of the fish. .The longer a fish is played, the more lactic acid is built up in the fish. When your fighting a fish its not that it gets tired, its because of the lactic acid build up which stops the fish from fighting. This is why when landing a fish it has to be done in the fastest way possible with causing as less stress to the fish as possible. Once you have landed that fish after a long fight its important that you release the fish with care and making sure that after a long fight the fish can swim under its own steam. If you fight the fish for too long chances are that the fish will die, either on the hook or while releasing it. I don't know how your going to combat these times of landing a big fish but I suppose one way is extending the times for days so 1 day is longer than 1 real life hour, maybe 1 game day = 2 real life hours and after 1 game day the fish is tired enough to reel in ,but this would open up the problem of people using light gear to land massive fish just because they know that all they have to do is keep that fish on the hook for 1 game day.
  12. Azorees


    I just read the latest Patch notes and its good that the Devs have focused a little on Kouri to bring it back. But there is one change that I think is open to player exploit. - Fixed. When moving to the spawning point of the water body after the character falls into the water, the fish that was on the line at this moment was counted as caught and placed in the keepnet. Players will find areas where they can fall / jump into the water and use this when they are struggling with a fish just so they can land it quick and also keep the fish. I would have kept this as it was , Where if you fall in the water then the fish is lost or maybe change it to " there is a small chance you could have the fish in your keepnet when you are relocated at the spawn area " People have exploited this before when they have a fish that's going to spool them just so they don't break any gear or lose any tackle. People with fish on that is going to spool them use ways to keep their gear from breaking they use. ALT - F4 ( nothing can be done about this ) Change Maps. Jump / Fall in the water. IRL if your fishing and either fall or jump in the water with a fish on there is a high chance of losing that fish if the water is deep enough where you can not get a secure footing. I have in the past fallen into the water while fighting a fish for some time ( I think I had no chance landing it any way ) on Ladoga ( finger point ) and accidently fallen into the water. In a way i'm glad that I fell in because I think the fish would have spooled me but on the other hand I was a little annoyed because I didn't know if after fighting for a while longer I would have got the fish in ( I still had roughly 80m line left ). You could however make it where, if you fall into the water and it exceeds 1.5m depth ( roughly 5 foot ) you will lose the fish, But if the water is 1.5m or lower in depth you can still fight that fish and once landed or lost you then return to spawn. I just think with falling into that water while fighting a fish and returning to spawn with the fish landed has just opened an exploit for players to use.
  13. Azorees


    This is great news for the game if its more focused on helping the players to earn silver while fishing. The object of the game is to catch fish and earn silver to buy better gear but as it stands at the moment legit players are having a hard time banking any silver when using heavy gear like an Everest , the problem is that your not catching big enough fish to warrant using such a reel because the repair cost is so expensive. 5-6K silver to repair the mech at 29% on an Everest is ludicrous considering how long it takes a player without cheats or hacks to earn such an amount. I repaired all 3 of my Alpha 8K's ( Mechs & Friction Brake ) for the same money. I do understand that its a bigger reel and people ( Fanbois ) will argue that your catching bigger fish on them reels than the Alpha's. This is not the case at all you can land the same fish on the Alpha than what you can on the Everest it just takes longer and I also might add with less damage. The cost of the Friction brake imo on the Everest is about right but the repair cost of the Mech is way to high and the amount of damage it takes is a little too high as well. I think ( and this is just my opinion ) that the wear should be roughly 10 - 20% less and the cost should be 30 - 50% less, this would make the Everest a more viable reel upgrade from the Alpha. At the moment on my stream ( when I do stream now as this has been cut right down from 6 hours a day 7 days a week to 3 or 4 hours when I can be bothered ) when people ask me my opinion on going for an Everest moving up from an Alpha I will tell them to give it a miss and save a little more silver and opt for the Beluga equivalent as in my experience with the Everest is that your fishing just to pay for repairs on that reel and if your lucky have a little silver left over. I know I have bitched about this game in the past ( on and off my stream ) but I have also defended it too ( in cases where I think the game has it right ). The main factor of this game is the economy ( what your earning while fishing ) this in my opinion is way off and on average most players will earn roughly 100 silver per hour. This is fine at lower levels but when you get to a higher level with heavier gear that needs to increase ( and its only my opinion again ) to around 250 - 300 per hour given the cost of repairs to heavier gear and the cost of the next upgrades form your current gear. I used to love streaming this game and conversing with my viewers along with helping out low level players with gear and baits but with recent patches and adjustments has made this impossible for me to do. I do hope that what LOG has stated above is more aimed towards players having more fun while fishing and earning silver while doing it, people don't mid the grind to level up ( some players love it ) and I don't mind needing 19 million XP to hit level 40 but I do mind spending hours fishing for little silver and catching 60g ruffes on 4/0 hooks while using livebaits when the hook has been in the water for over 1 hour real time. To be honest I am unsure if I am going to purchase any more premium when mine runs out at they way the game stands at this moment ( I only bought it for my streams so I could give away items ). Hopefully they now focus on the players instead of coming up with ways for you to burn away your hard earned silver.
  14. Azorees


    I too have had a frustrating time trying to net a fish while trolling, Mine has been small fish to the back of the boat which has been reeled all the way in but my landing net would not net it , as if its too close for the net to grab it but on the other hand I can't seem to lift the fish on the boat as well, after about 3 or 4 mins on messing around ( lowering the fish back in the water , letting line back out so I can try and reel in from another angle ) it is annoying but I do get it in after a lot of messing around. Maybe the fish is getting stuck on or under the boat which I might add could happen irl too, i'm not defending the game but because there is a possibility of it happening irl I do tend to allow such things to happen. I know the game is still in development and no i'm not pushing the " its in EA BS side of it " the is a lot wrong with this game but on the other hand they have got a lot right too, its just finding that balance to balance it out which takes time.
  15. Azorees


    this is what I originally said. For example a rod with a test of 30g - 80g would cast a 35g lure further than a rod with a test of 50g - 100g .  I have no idea if you misunderstood what I said or I just worded it wrong but I thought it was self explanatory. I was meaning that your rod plays the biggest part when casting even though your reel also plays a part too. I wasn't talking about different LP reels with a different tests, but I would imagine the same rule applies to that too as they don't have a maximum test only a minimum so if you put a 17g lure on a reel with 3.5g it wouldn't cast it as far as a reel with a 2g test, I knew this already.
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