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  1. Thanks for tips friend. But i still think it's a game problem. There is actualy a lot of problems like: gifts only by premium players.. Harvesting baits with shovel .. only 1 time dig and whole energy empty. Empty stores /Out of stock/ all the time. Developers make game realistic. Is that realistic? What do you think??? That was not before, that comes with new updates. So again thanks for tips. I'm lvl 21 and i caught a lot of big fishes before. It's not about players, it's about greedy developers who ruin this perfect realistic game with every new update.
  2. On old burg i try. peternoster bottom rig, hook 1 large- 1extra large Dieced potatoes.. Also i tried with boiles and dip on hair rig. Before.. I caught there about 10-20 kg grass carp in every 10 minutes irl. Now i can't get nothing bigger.. Or i get common carp about 1 kg or some crucian/gibel. For pikes i try a looot of lures and spinnerbaits.. there was pikes, but about 1-2 kg. My friend got even worse on mosqito and winding. On mosqito he try 1 large hoog in 5 m holes./ also some grass spots.. And nothing.. Just 1 common carp 800 g in whole irl day. On winding he try for pike with a lot of spinners and lures, and he also got some 500-1kg pike, and a loot of rly small perch. He try for chub with bottom /grasshopper/and sipinner, and his bite rate was sooo bad, I can't belive what happend to this game.. Later was much more fish in lakes/rivers.. You can ask some 35-40 lvl people in our Balkan group. All gona say same like me.. It's not about players and their stile of fishing or equipment.. It's about game.. Game need to change bite rate. It's need to be like before 2-3 years. BTW. Sorry for my bad english. If you not understand something i will try to explain.
  3. Yesterday i play with my friend who just came in game. I'm lvl 21 he is lvl 10. So, i fishing on Old Burg in search for Carp or Grass carp. I change 4 spots for common carp, and 3 hot spot for grass carp. Beforee all the updates.. I caught on those spots a lot of very big grass carp. Yesterday i wait very long on those spots, and i don't get even a common roach. Also, i use spin rod. in search for pike. There is actualy some pikes, but it's all about 1-2 kg. all the time. My friend was fishing on mosqito and winding rivulet. Sooo.. On mosqito he try for bream and common carp, Also pike. He wait a lot of time for even a "touch" And he get only perch and crucian carp about 500-700 g. Also on winding. He got only small perch and smaller chub. There is some problem, because a lot of my friends who are lvl 35-40 complaining about that. It become a very sad game. Also, don't tell me about weather and locations, we try a lot of options. Veeery small bite rate. Game should be realistic, but even in real life i got more fish.
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