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  1. This is bad English. Which 'these' are we talking about? I suggest removing the word out and start with 'telescopic'.
  2. I've heard there's one currently in the works. My suggestion would be to let all players gift items to one another, and give premium members something new. I did think of something a few days ago and can't remember what it was
  3. I haven't changed any settings and it appears ok now. Strange
  4. CycleDave


    Cut the costs down for Premium and Gold too
  5. I'm getting annoyed that my game freezes EVERY TIME someone types in Chinese and Japanese writing. I once said something about it in an email but no one got back to me about it. Please sort it it. At the moment I'm blocking everyone who types in the language.
  6. Thanks but I can't be bothered doing that. It's easier to ask on twitter and here since no doubt someone can help. Nonetheless I'm not that bothered what it means any more
  7. I mean no offence in posting this. I only want to know what it means (no doubt asking for gear?). Also posted on my twitter.
  8. First time I've sent groundbait ingredients to another player. So annoying when we have so much ingredients that it takes time to find what we're looking for. Hopefully this will be changed.
  9. There's always been talk about auctions in the game and that was a few years back. No new news about it as of yet (which I mentioned in my post)
  10. @Johrdy The groundbait '3' used is in the description and screenshots
  11. 1hr 30mins Creme brulee 14 and Hot Cherry 16, Cru/Gib mix. Location of where I cast is in posts above. Setup and fish in screenshots
  12. I didn't mean every cast. Sheesh
  13. In regards to the above, the screenshot below are coords for tench. There may be others but those are the ones I know of and have caught tench. All species of carp caught be caught, so be warned if using light tackle.
  14. From testing pike over the last couple of days I have found out it is best to catch them when there's a ripple on the water, more than 0.5m/s - the higher the number the better. I have only tested the poppers shown below,. I'm sure there are other lures out there that work better. I have marked where I catch pike below. For the tench, I have caught them off the bridge casting in to the pond. For the eel in one of the screenshots above, it was caught in the black area of the screenshot below. All screenshots below show setups and positions of fish. Flouro leader used is 15kg on the carp rods.
  15. I didn't say "every cast"
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