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  1. CycleDave

    Bear Lake

    44:50, 20m clip with Esterberry 20, size 6 bloody. Ordinary Carp mix.
  2. CycleDave

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Where on Sura/Ahktuba?
  3. CycleDave

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    I cannot afford better reels. Need to save up first. Bear is crap for me, always has been.
  4. CycleDave

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    I've used this setup (nevermind the rig) for months and hardly fished for sturgeon. I am trying to accumulate more silver to buy better reels, but I have a long way to go yet. Is this a 'good' setup for the fish?
  5. CycleDave


    New spot on Mosquito for Kermit
  6. CycleDave

    Akhtuba River

    Finally caught my first ever trophy grass. This was in the pond. 20m clip
  7. CycleDave

    Akhtuba River

    If you're posting info, can you please add the grid ref or post an image of the map. Thanks
  8. CycleDave

    Groundbait Q&A

    Anyone know what's happened to Sports' excel page on groundbait. It doesn't appear to work for me https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=466102D94450BC9!481&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AH-_B1fj0lXVapc
  9. CycleDave

    Akhtuba River

    Well hi there new PB!
  10. CycleDave

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    What is the best casting setup for large fish with the Evora. I keep getting spooled
  11. CycleDave

    Winding Rivulet

    This website is for every waterbody in the game https://www.fix.com/blog/view-from-below-lures-underwater/
  12. CycleDave

    Old Burg Lake

    Would help if we knew where you caught them and on with what tackle
  13. CycleDave

    Bear Lake

    56:35 - 10 carp caught then it went 100% dead. Waste of time
  14. CycleDave

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    How do you catch carp, tench, ide etc etc on Utra light ?
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