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  1. MarshallMaz

    Steam Release

    I'm wondering the same thing. Will both accounts exist or will current RF4 account be wiped ?
  2. MarshallMaz

    Levo's Guide: Setup Suggestions

    Thank you for your efforts Levo. Much appreciated.
  3. MarshallMaz

    Old Burg Lake

    Finally got over the lvl 20 line with this guy that decided to take my light 6kg setup that was targeting tench. Big battle to land him , but worth it. ( Forgot to take a screenshot of setup but was 8 hook with maggots next to the bridge on 6.8kg line )
  4. MarshallMaz

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Ok thanx for everyone's inputs. I will try the suggestions
  5. MarshallMaz

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Not allowed to use spoons. Must have 15% in spin fishing so that is not a starting point. I am only allowed to use spinners. I tried now again with my 1 spinning rod and a couple of spinner in a few places at old burg. Nothing. Can't catch a thing with spinning. So I have no idea what I should do to at least catch fish with spinners to get it up to 15%. I am at like 1.2% on it only
  6. MarshallMaz

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    Morning all , I need some general advice as I feel I have come to a wall and don't really know how to go on now. First the technical details. I am 4k xp away from lvl 20 , so lets asume I am lvl 20. 2x Extra Heavy 30kg feeder rods. 1x 9.8kg reel and 1x 14kg reel. Only have points in bottom fishing and no points to spare ( hence asking here )
  7. MarshallMaz

    Old Burg Lake

    All those spots are the ones that died for me. Common Carp wise. I was at all of them during Sunday and nothing. Just Tench , gibels and crucians.
  8. MarshallMaz

    Campfire stories

    No I'm not kidding. It went completely dead. And I wasn't the only one. Many others in chat also commented how the carp disappeared after the latest update. This was on Sunday the whole day and I spent hours all around the lake to see if they moved somewhere else. Nothing. Just a small 3kg one here and there. Didn't bother to play since then.
  9. MarshallMaz

    Campfire stories

    Well Old Burg has been nerved into the ground. Only small fish now. Feels the same as Mosquito and Rivulet there now. I haven't even started up the game since they did that as I am not in the mood to just grind small fish all the time. Old Burg used to be the best fun at my level ( 19 ) with the big carp and now it's gone. Just a boring chore like the lakes below it. Kuori has been dead a long time now and Bear requires lvl 24 gear. So no fun for me left at all now. Maybe when I'm in the mood for 500g panfish I will return for a bit.
  10. MarshallMaz

    Old Burg Lake

    I will try there thanx
  11. MarshallMaz

    Old Burg Lake

    They killed the only fun lake for me. Now it's also boring with small fish
  12. MarshallMaz

    Old Burg Lake

    What happened to the Common Carp. They went missing Spend hours yesterday all around the lake but can't find any anymore
  13. MarshallMaz

    Spinning Reels

    Yep that's exactly my point
  14. MarshallMaz

    Campfire stories

    So disappointing that the stores wasn't restocked as well now with the server maintenance. It's been ages that I can't even buy basics like coffee and mulled spices and this out of stock thing is getting really really annoying.
  15. MarshallMaz

    Spinning Reels

    Ok I can understand the reel not breaking due to being good quality. Still doesn't explain that a 10kg reel can not put more than 10kg pressure on the fish so using 15kg line is actually not utilized at 15kg but only at 10kg because when the reel reaches it's max drag as to what the drag setting is set to the clutch will let go and the fish will take out line. So even when fishing with 15kg line in this example you are actually only fishing with 10kg at closed drag and less than that actually as you don't fish with closed drag but at lets say a setting of 28 so you are only using about 9.8kg of line strength thus not utilizing the rest of the line's strength. So why use 15kg line in this example as your reel can not utilize it and you are not putting 15kg of pressure on the fish anyway but still only 9.8kg and past that point the reel's clutch let's go and the fish takes line. So 10kg line and 15kg line on this reel will have the same effect as the 15kg line is limited by the reel's max drag.
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