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  1. i have problems too with that fish... Everything else i got trophy but silver no way.
  2. Calm down... Just restart the game turn it off completely and then start it again worked for me
  3. So you are saying that i should use my rocket feeder for 2 min and then take it out?
  4. Hi, can i use 2 rocket feeders at the same time?
  5. IGN:MarinoYT Map:Volkhov River Location:D9 Lure:Dodger Crank 10-SS002
  6. I would like to change my account to your launcher and change region if it is possible? I pay a lot of money for premium and gold that is why i want to change my account from steam to your launcher. Is that possible?
  7. of course i have questions... few to be honest.... What are you thinking with the future of the game? Is your main thing to hold on this players and get new players to play? Will you increase the bite rate? (then i dont have problems with raising the price)... If your next update returns the bite rate back to normal i will be happy to spend money to get tagaras.... For now i dont need tagaras and i dont need to grind them because all fish i get is around 20-30 kg(and that is pretty rare) Most of the time all fish that i get is around 5-10 kg and narga is doing her job for that. Listen to the community then you will increase money flow without problem.... Everyone here will be happy to give money to the game if the game is working with us to support Devs... Return the bite rate back to normal and leave the prices or even raise them i dont have problem with that but give us fish. Thank you for listening i hope you will apply something from my ideas... For now you are just pushing me away from the game...
  8. What are you doing in the new update? raising the bite rate or you stick with the old one?
  9. today whole day on akhtuba trying to get catfish... after 8 hours i got one catfish 25kg and few around 15kg
  10. for fish that i get and my friend too we dont need equipment... we can farm silver with 5.5 reel. No need to buy better gear for that.
  11. i changed many spots and hotspots some of the spots i got like 5 fish and stopped then moved... tried many rods and boiles and baits nothing... bear lake is dead too. Once you get to the bear lake you caught 13 fish and then stop nothing or mirror carp 1kg. Tried every map and it is the same except volkov trolling.
  12. Bite rate after the update is ridicilous.. why should i spend my coins and my money on the game if i dont get any fish? Yesterday on Amber "hotspot" 6 hours real time i caught 25 fish... none of them trophy... Bite rates are too low players are going to stop playing the game.
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