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  1. I've come to the conclusion there is no "team" Maybe in the beginning they had 3 or 4 working on this game, but now it's basically just one guy who is probably overwhelmed. Prove me wrong "RF4 TEAM".., release a video and introduce yourselves to the community like many game developers do, and explain to us what your vision is moving forward with this project. Why is that so hard to do? Prove the naysayers wrong that this game is about to crash and burn, especially against upcoming competing fishing games. We're waiting...but not much longer.
  2. So what could be done to retain players imo? There already is a bonus to lower level players for catching fish and they dont seem to be affected by the 30 minute - 1 hour timer that cuts the bite rate down to nothing. They seem to have fun and many times out catch me in places like belaya and kouri. Somewhere around level 30 is where that stops, not sure exactly but we've all experienced it and then the real grind sets in and many players stop having fun so they quit. Outside the bug fixes and DCs here's what I think should happen: 1. More active fishing spots on maps, e.g. ladoga I go there and its always dead except for 1 spot sometimes 2. Tuba is a different story, you can usually find many spots with many different fish to catch but its a challenge to find due to map size, having to rent a boat and the time it takes to find the right spot. Then you find that sweet fishing hole and you get 1 hour and the bite rate falls off the cliff. Infuriating. 2. Adjust the bite rate cut off period to where you can at least fish a spot for 2 or 3 hours before it slows down. 30 minutes or 1 hour is ridiculously annoying, and I hate having to change locations and often entire tackle setups so quickly. That's really it, if those changes were implemented it would bring back some players who quit, and restore some of the addictive fun this game used to have, while making the silver grind more tolerable. /wasting my time
  3. Yeah I agree on migrating the fish, but who knows what their reasons are when they don't communicate. But on the silver front its more of a case of many players not understanding the basic economics of this game than a making silver problem. Too many players repair reels when they really dont need repaired. Too many players give away or neglect old gear like sabres and lacertis. Too many players use braided line when its not necessary.
  4. Players abused the system, they sat on interfluve for weeks and months relentlessly farming bream so of course it got nerfed just like any game developer would. Personally I can't stand to fish the same fish and same spot for extended amounts of time but many players will, hence why hotspots don't last long anymore and the dreaded 1 hour cutoff has been implemented.
  5. Jvan

    Kuori lake

    Another long sought after trophy finally closed . Saw several Sevan weeklys being caught on chat screen and went to kouri to specifically catch this fish. Still a hard trophy to get nowadays, but currently you probably have best chance in recent memory. Many players are casting off the island but I had no luck there so this is from trolling and the red line on map is where I caught the most Sevans. Time of day: 8 AM Weather Clear, Wind 3-4 Ms, 7 temp After 1 hour trolling: Setup: Location:
  6. Jvan


    Therein lies your problem. Eel were never intended to be farm-able as they are a semi-rare species. You had a good run when they were biting but now you need to move on to another fish until they come back.
  7. We had a server restart..most of the fish are gone from usual locations now
  8. I've tried a few times for loach and same experience, end up with carp or buffalo too strong for the light tackle needed to catch them. Considering a trophy is 250g and many times you will not see a single trophy for the week caught it would take some real luck to catch one.
  9. Finally today I caught my trophy Asp, this trophy always was elusive to me and after many attempts from sura, volkov, and tuba and not getting past 7kgs I started to feel like it wasn't meant to be, but I saw a server reset coming and decided to give it one more try before the fickle RF4 gods banish them from this plane of existence until some unknown future time. I usually fish for them with a 12 or 17kg leader but with the caspian trout lurking about i put the heavier gear on and oddly enough I caught more large Asp than before with the lighter tackle. On the map picture the yellow is where most people seem to be trolling, the red area is where I have caught the biggest Asp over the last few days with several 6 and 7kg plus this trophy.
  10. As of yesterday a decent Eastern Bream spot, just standard bream GB, garlic dough and 6.4 leaders...
  11. So around 6 PM EST I logged back in to another download and patch, not the earlier in the day connection patch, but something new..why no mention of this and what is it? A patch to fix the earlier today patch?
  12. Yes it was, took a boat down to where it was hung up and dead against the beach and it was probably a 20kg+. It set a fully repaired gold 80 on fire with same rod and 17kg leader with 22kg line Barely stopped it before I ran out of line. Actually figured it was Caspian brown trout or very large Asp but it was a belo.
  13. Spent about a month off and on trying to catch this trophy, many hours harvesting baitfish and feeding the perches at tuba.. although I had one about 2 weeks earlier it spooled out too much line on a lighter setup and got hung up on island with no way to retrieve Spot- 52:138, clip 24m Bleak Anyways:
  14. Jvan

    Kuori lake

    Try stopping at intervals to let the hunter sink, especially over the deeper holes, also turning the boat will get bites (currently a fish got away bug with that though) I occasionally speed up and the cut the motor to let lures sink or float back to the surface. Not a big fan of spoons for trolling as I mostly use wobblers but it can definitely be done with them, but not very successfully just in a straight line as you noticed they sit on the surface.
  15. An excellent start maybe towards a new era for RF4!!!
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