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  1. hi. is it illegal to buy gear from other players?
  2. Hi. Whats the size of the mosquito and old burg lake? Tnx
  3. Hello. Where can i find peas for pea poridge?
  4. Hi. I also cant put a picture on profile. Can u help me? Tnx
  5. What will happen if i put bigger spikers?
  6. Pozdrav. Trgovina ribolovnim priborom je poluprazna. Algoritam odlucuje kad se puni ili ima neki datum i vrijeme? Hvala unaprijed.
  7. Tnx man. I heard somewhere that fish is fresh for 24 h rt?
  8. Hi all. I hope its not a wrong place, but i was wondering how much can fish be fresh to be accrpted in caffe order? Is 1% ok to caffe order? Thanks.
  9. Hi all. I am a big fan of rf series. I have small problem. I dont understand how 2 clip mono, how to 4 example clip it on 12 meters and does it work on feeder with speening reel?
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