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  1. same one I have been using for 2 years or more
  2. I tried another mouse, the problem is still there, I asked chat and 2 other players said they are having the same issue. It is making play with a feeder rod impossible, I loose my PVA each cast
  3. The wheel for casting keeps disappearing when I try to cast, I loose the pva and have to re cast several times before it will cast properly.
  4. what weather and time of day ? did you use IDE GB ?
  5. For give me for not putting this in the correct area, I can not figure out the forum , I am trying to. I just purchased a feeder Rod that gives =1 skill point in "fishing with a feeder Rod". I did not get any additional points in that area, I had 4 points there prior to the purchase, I still have 4 points in that area after the purchase. Can you explain why I did not get the +1 point in "fishing with a feeder Rod ? I was going to purchase a 2nd rod to get an additional point in that area, I am waiting to make that purchase until I get my +1 point . Thanks You, SteelHead
  6. Not happy with this....... Thank you for the quick reply, still a very good game.
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