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  1. Yes, thanks. You can specificly say it like you did.
  2. Is it possible that a bigger fish bites on a smaller bite that hasnt been catched yet?
  3. i wonder why bottom has autohook anyway. If you play with carp hair rig or similar setups the bait is on the ground too. So both are groundtechnics but one has autohook the other dont. Unfair. Remove the autohook from bottom since its unreal anyway.
  4. Not to mention current drift and or weather parameters.
  5. I got a question long time running on my head but never asked. Does moving near shore or even watersplash and / or boatsound scares fish?
  6. try: "-borderless" to your launch options or "-borderless -resx=1920 -resy=1080" Customize the resolution options to your monitor without the ""
  7. https://windowsreport.com/steam-launch-options-windowed/
  8. my first guess is a corrupt/damage RAM. Try run a RAM analyzer.
  9. OwiHH


    Kuori 118:100 trolling
  10. realy? why is that? Makes no sense to me to implement such mechanism.
  11. but the last set reelspeed applies to the fight if im correct.
  12. you know that you can set speed retrieve for the reel?
  13. go to inventory, have the lure unequipted, click on it and you can change hooks. You can change all unequipt lures, spinner, spoons, whooblers ...
  14. Yep, thats what i meant: The grind between 15-20 is hard and expensive. But if you reach lvl 20 and saved up for a 15kg spinning rod with atleast a 10kg reel you will land some good pikes. Like glasi mentioned you can change hooks on lures. Use small lures (3g) with med 8 hooks since they attract more fish anyway in my taste. Alot smaller ones but even one a 3g spinner with med 8 hook you can catch 6kg+ fish. Keep Griding!
  15. Good catches. The question i have for you is: Do you want to catch a bigger fish that limits or is over the limit of your equiment? Whats the pros contras: Pros: XP reward silver Fun archivment Contras: risk loosing fish risk breaking reel risk breaking rod risk loosing lure / leader for sure repair cost for reel, rod You can fight a fish for 2-3 hours or even more ingame or you catch 5x 2-3kg fish in the same time without stressing your equiment. If you make screenshot click on the ! icon on the rod so we can see the rod specifications.
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