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  1. Yes, thanks. You can specificly say it like you did.
  2. Is it possible that a bigger fish bites on a smaller bite that hasnt been catched yet?
  3. i wonder why bottom has autohook anyway. If you play with carp hair rig or similar setups the bait is on the ground too. So both are groundtechnics but one has autohook the other dont. Unfair. Remove the autohook from bottom since its unreal anyway.
  4. Not to mention current drift and or weather parameters.
  5. I got a question long time running on my head but never asked. Does moving near shore or even watersplash and / or boatsound scares fish?
  6. try: "-borderless" to your launch options or "-borderless -resx=1920 -resy=1080" Customize the resolution options to your monitor without the ""
  7. https://windowsreport.com/steam-launch-options-windowed/
  8. my first guess is a corrupt/damage RAM. Try run a RAM analyzer.
  9. OwiHH


    Kuori 118:100 trolling
  10. realy? why is that? Makes no sense to me to implement such mechanism.
  11. but the last set reelspeed applies to the fight if im correct.
  12. you know that you can set speed retrieve for the reel?
  13. go to inventory, have the lure unequipted, click on it and you can change hooks. You can change all unequipt lures, spinner, spoons, whooblers ...
  14. Yep, thats what i meant: The grind between 15-20 is hard and expensive. But if you reach lvl 20 and saved up for a 15kg spinning rod with atleast a 10kg reel you will land some good pikes. Like glasi mentioned you can change hooks on lures. Use small lures (3g) with med 8 hooks since they attract more fish anyway in my taste. Alot smaller ones but even one a 3g spinner with med 8 hook you can catch 6kg+ fish. Keep Griding!
  15. Good catches. The question i have for you is: Do you want to catch a bigger fish that limits or is over the limit of your equiment? Whats the pros contras: Pros: XP reward silver Fun archivment Contras: risk loosing fish risk breaking reel risk breaking rod risk loosing lure / leader for sure repair cost for reel, rod You can fight a fish for 2-3 hours or even more ingame or you catch 5x 2-3kg fish in the same time without stressing your equiment. If you make screenshot click on the ! icon on the rod so we can see the rod specifications.
  16. Im lvl 24 and i think most players are agree that the grind from 15-22 is a hard one. You dont make much silver because you have low equiment to land big fish but also cant make enought to grind fast and buy new reels or rods that are expensive above 800-2000 silver. Luckly i started my fishermen with a crosssetup telescope, bolognese and spinning. Since spinning reels are the same for bolognese or matchrods i find that comforteable. I mostly hang up mosqito until i was level 20-21 and saved silver for a 16kg rod with 14 kg reel. My second spinnig rod is a 16kg rod with the old 10kg reel that works fine for fish up to 10-12kg but like you mentioned it will be a long fight on the limits of the reel/rod. If you want to catch a fish limits your equiment you need long time to get it exhaust and yes you need 300m line .. 300m aint much even on a lake like windriver. Kuori from 1 side to the other it is what 1km? 1.5km ? not sure. Get a decent Hook will gives you a higher chance the fish not hooks off on longer fights and try to not have the line to loose for a longer time - like when you try to follow the fish. All i can say is keep grinding and you will make progress and land that 6kg PIKE gl
  17. I personaly like Kuori lake alot. Im lvl 24. Trolling with spinnerbaits alot you can make good cash. But you need a good reel 14kg with a 15kg spinning rod to start with. I have one 16kg heavy in use with a 14kg reel and 1 16.7kg medium with a 10kg reel that works fine with fish up to 12kg. Fluerocarbon leaders requiet. Lightgreen sizeman or hornets bronze works great for me. Akilas purple and red sometimes aswell. One big hint is on calm weater 0.0ms fish is HOT. over 0.9ms it depend on weather and time alot. But becarefull with big baits. If ou use small spinners and med hooks or up to large 1 you shouldt be fine. Somedays i make with both trolling 300 silver in 2 hours but kuori has 40kg fish and can be very expensive if you not carefull. I prefer kuori over belaya because biterate is higher in my taste. I dont know about Belaya i tried a few times all possible setups but cant catch asmuch as i can catch in kuori in the same time.
  18. OwiHH


    Seizman 0816 - kuori lake 71.83 throw east - northeast
  19. since camera is fixed to the float of what rod you have in hand, it wont work proper because fish is traveling with the floats or even wind / drift is different depend on the floatsize ..
  20. yep the window is kind useless. Most people fish with 2 or 3 rods and mostly put them on ground and the window only opens if you have rod in hand allready. If devs want to do something for float giv us option to build floats like lures since we allready have paints and balsawood ingame. Some more fariations would be cool aswell. Anyway nice little feature but not important for fishing, Not sure why they released that maybe for low spec PCs it is helpfull on long casting distance. I can see my floats clear over 30m.
  21. i use binaculars, works good for floatfishing. Lets see what the new float window can do if the servers are up.
  22. agree i love kuori but can be dangerous - i had some monster bites the broke my hooks O_o sometimes i thing nessi lifes within this lake. have days where i can make 400 silver in 2 hours realtime.
  23. Do not forget the travelcost
  24. What it exactly tells you? That would be good to know. Can you make a screenshot? I use Kaspersky (member) without problems. If securitysettings for windows/antivireprograms is set to high it could cause this issue for games.
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