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  1. thank you. solved my issues. Hope the graphic can be fully optimized soon. By the way, any ETA?
  2. So I can actually play on the max settings? but turning off some features?
  3. Hello. I have Graphics issues whereby i cant get 60FPS on Max setting. I am running on: 8GB RAM GTX1060 6GB Intel i3 6100 CPU But when i am ingame even with beautiful video preset i am not getting max FPS which i believe in-game max is 60FPS. I thought i can run on superior video preset because you suggested gtx1060..what am i doing wrong here? Below are 3 settings I have tried and their FPS that I got. Good- 50-60FPS Beautiful- 45-60FPS Superior- 35-45 FPS cant remember the exact figure but should be around that numbers.
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