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  1. Exploited

    Report a Bug

    All weekly and body records on USA region wont show up in chat they add up to the board but no message in game. i checked my settings and its all turned on but after last server restart they stopped showing up. Exploited
  2. Exploited

    Campfire stories

    Wow i came here to have a look on some stories about catching fish ingame........ instead i find like 9 pages of of topic grief about the game man discusions forum is closed and a forum post about sharing fun times about this game is turnd into a grab your torches and pitch forks lets riot. common Forum Mods !!! cause at this rate its not camp fire stories its the garbage bin of the foums. I like a good complaint as you know but i dont see camp fire stories here only a unhappy communety thats polluting what should be a cheerfull section of the forums. anyhow closing one topic and dumping all complaints here is a bit odd and would love to see this part become cheerfull again and re open the discussion board. Love and Kisses Exploited.
  3. Exploited

    Absence Lady

    Hope you feel better soon Exploited
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