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  1. Smith82

    Sura River

  2. Smith82

    Sura River

    Coords? GB? rig?
  3. Smith82

    Live and Baitfish

  4. Smith82

    Live and Baitfish

    no one?
  5. Smith82

    Levo's Guide: Wear on Reels

    Hi Levo, using fluoro in reels is like using mono or is better? I mean for wear
  6. Smith82

    Live and Baitfish

    Someone knows what fish bites on whitebait?
  7. Smith82

    Sura River

    Thank you, i'll try
  8. Smith82

    Sura River

  9. Smith82


    Guys, best spot actually for pikes?
  10. Smith82

    Technical Issues

    HI i've got this problem, the installer do the unpacking but the installing stops at 63% end this message appears
  11. Smith82

    Beloribitsa Whitefish

    Anyone knows where and how to catch this guy?
  12. Smith82

    Live and Baitfish

    Try the pond at the new map
  13. Smith82

    Old Burg Lake

    Could you please post the set up of your tackle?
  14. Smith82

    Old Burg Lake

    Crawlers works in daytime also for tenches here
  15. Smith82

    Volkhov River

    Only a trophy bream 5.6 kg on that spot, almost dead
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