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  1. going full speed into the shore at Ladoga Archi had interesting result.
  2. never knew that link thank you Captain :). i don't speak russian but what i figured is that on the collumn "E" if you got a link instead of plain text, means you can upgrade friction brake. also if you hover the link and you see "radikal.ru" its a broken link, if it's other, it works.
  3. do alt+tab to exit than again to maximise the game. maybe some application running in background takes over and becomes active and makes your game window innactive. so maybe alt+tab two times works or open task manager and see if any new program started , like some update. it never happen to me and i mentioned to other people too so it could be a program that only some players have, like some antivirus, VPN, discord, etc. Also what could happen is people binding some repeated command to shift key. pressing shift 5 times opens a window "sticky keys" that asks you if you are sure you want to activate sticky keys or not. The window may not appear on screen cause it's on desktop, but it can be active and that makes game window inactive even if game it's "on top" of desktop. next time it happens press shift 5 times fast and you may hear a bip sound. far fetched but i hope it helps.
  4. you have the option to repair or to replace with a better/other brand of item. You can repair something for lets say 100 silver or you can replace it with another brand for 300-400. the repair has the benefit of being cheaper, the replace has the benefit of empowering the item. i could repair my Centauri friction for 400 silver or replace it with a new one and have 22kg instead of the previous 20kg. same with almost everything. they basically added the possibility to upgrade your gear. obviously a replacement with better parts can't have the low price of the repair.
  5. press Y to reel in half a spool. as you can see the other two have the line leaving the spool from bottom of reel. recreate the setup and press Y to reel in
  6. Dinosaur, when you start the game and go on the new map, play for 4-5 minutes that do an alt+tab and look in Task Manager . check the column for RAM and CPU usage. if RAM usage is at 80-90% , the problem is that you do not have enough RAM or the RAM you have is not fast enough , maybe DDR3. When you RAM usage gets over 90% certain events on your screen may trigger 10%+ RAM usage like rain, fish being caught, etc. Once your game uses all available RAM it will try to borrow from the 5-10% memory dedicated to system to run. at that point the PC will say NO to the game as that part of memory has valuable data, and will shutdown the game. So watch TaskManager while playing the game and if you notice high RAM usage you may need to upgrade your memory type (from dd3 to ddr4) and ram amount , min 8gb if you have win10 or minimum 16g if you run twitch or youtube or other programs while runing the game. Also set everything in the video options to minimum and enable Vsync . New map features like tunguska and yama, a new type of water rendering that looks amazing but requires a lot of resources.
  7. Thanks Thrall for seeing what i mean. I wasn't trying to be mean in any way, just pointing out in a moment of much frustration that the Christmass event could have been done in a better way to fit the idea of something special. To make my post constructive not just critique with no solution, i say my opinion about what we could get to be more satisfying: a very nice gift to the players would have been to make 70% of the boxes have random item worth of 5 gold, 29% worth of 8 gold or close to that and one box of 10 gold and one 15. A bit spread and 100% chance to get as long as you put in the time and effort to farm the bags. To make it a bit more challenging the boxes could be tied to a certain fish species like Chinese sleeper or Roach for example. Ofc this is just an idea, not that i "demand" anything. Also, Lockhead, the post was obviously ironical. Ofcourse i can fish anywere else. I just thought , as implied in my idea above with the gold value bags, that recieving a hook or 50 dough of some type as a christmas "gift" is a bit low considering how the game gets more and more punishing for the players (map prices over 50-60silver, boat cost new map 90+, costs of pva over 100 for 2-3 days of fishing amber ) and i gave as an example me being lvl 41 and having under 200 gold per hour or close to that in the best perfect situation i ever got. You can see how repair prices have changed lately.i even went out of my way to buy gold since i saw the game is going full head on against me with the bite rate/income so i bough reel and rods with real cash, supporting the game. The outcome was very much underwhelming since the fish i got didn't change and after 3 months of buying some items i am yet to recover their worth in silver, maybe half of next year at best will acchieve that. Profits? thats a dream. Many of you were used to the older game state were maybe the fish biterate was way better, many abuse the game as i see with UL telesticks catching 10+kg fish even 20kg. You think i can't do that? i play games for over 20 years, i know my way around games, i know were and how to get the means to exploit a game in any way you may imagine. Yet here i am not only keeping it fair and clean, but also spending money thus proving my honesty. Don't you think it was easy for me just to shutup and start cheating like others do? C'mon man, i am not posting comments for the reason to be mean to someone, just trying to point out things that clearly RF4 team doesn't know. Probably they base their actions regarding game changes on opinions of older players that already achieved good results and have geared up . That doesn't reflect at all the game experience new or medium time players have . at all. peace.
  8. easy for you guys to talk when you draw the longer stick right? i see you in the game getting all those big fish and trophies and stuff. well, maybe consider some others doesn't have same RNG as you have. most silver i did this month in one hour was 180, thats why i mentioned 180 or so. When you guys get carp trophies on Amber, remember there are people that got maybe 2-3 carps over 20kg in they whole rf4 time. And examples go on. Not everyone has same "luck" as you yet they still come back to the game. i am 100% sure half of you won't even have the game on the computer if your fishing experience in the game would be like that. "I see moaning at something that is a choice to do is still a trend" . well, that may be a choice for you with your RNG, but for some others is a need, an opportunity to recive back something for their support for the game as bad as it is for them. Everything i have that is able to bring in a 30+ kg fish is bought with real money/gold while others can simply farm it. took me 3 months of 7-8 real time hours per day farm to get a 9k silver Vexilar that brings less money than a simple 1500 silver spining rod , and the list can go on. With all that, we still come back to the game. So yea, we the rest imagine that at least once a year we maybe be treated with some stuff to make things at least a bit more fun. I never specified about a Venga as a gift, but i did espect , like any other decent game, once a year an opportunity to feel somewhat respected as a customer specially considering the circumstances regarding fish bite rate and stuff. Also, "This event saves a ton of silver and i appreciate the events that we get." well maybe for you and a few others. Imagine being lvl 41 and have to farm crucians and roach for a ticket to a higher lvl map 2 hours before a Twitch comp so you can participate with the rest. But i guess is easy to forget to look in other peoples bowl when yours is full right?
  9. didn't want to start a new topic and this title seems to fit best for what i want to ask. Is there a way to remove yourself from the chance of getting a christmas box at the Mosquito pier? so far the value of the boxes i got is lower than the possibile 800-900gram crucian/gibel that box replaced. basically the box is a downgrade in value for that certain bite. or simply put, we are loosing money with those boxes. not to mention i lost a hook while fishing for them as you also put some weight to them so i lost even more. You may think i am joking, but currently if i get 100-120 silver profit for fishing 1 hour i can consider that a very good day, thats how low the income rate is for me lvl 40 that is not some new player that has no clue about the game. So yea, a box with a 1-5 five silver loot worth that replaces a 5-6 silver fish is a real downgrade to my income. Next time please add a button were people can click and remove themselves from the chance of getting a box.
  10. check the hotbar key if you assigned one . since the last update they tried to make items of same type/name/etc to stack . like i don't see tea anymore as 30 packs of 4 pieces of 8/10 quality. Now i see 120 pieces of 8/10. so check your hotkey if you put sausages on hotkey 1,2,3,4,5,6 , you may have them there.
  11. Djbacon93 what is even more useful is cast direction considering that in rf4 even what shoes color you wear or tshirt size can influence bite rate, it's important to know were the fish is by an error of 2 meters left/right. i have been at that spot spent about 1 day and two nights, only got 2 roach and a bream
  12. HAd to repoast again to modify the lure. it's a 75f not a 74. sorry but editing seems not to work on this site . there is no edit button anywere.
  13. Kuori Lake Coord: 102:88 grid F7 Bait: Balsa Minnow 75f-006 Ign: Crapu
  14. I had to quote myself to modify coordonates since no Edit button appeared after i edited once so grid . Grid h8
  15. Map: Ladoga Coordonates: 76:23 casting east Bait: Syberia Real Worm 7:003 with orange bead hook size 2 In game name : Crapu
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