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  1. whole boilies have a certain size like 5mm or 8 or 10 etc. crushed boilies are smaller than those you can find in the shop. Size of incredients influence fish size. smaller pieces will atract smaller fish and bigger ones will call bigger fish. that doesn't mean you will get only big fish if you use biggest boilies or you get only small fish if you use the smaller ones. Think about it like this and i will give an example that may or may not be true but i use it to create a picture for you to better imagine how it is: lets say you try to catch grass carps and you want to make a pva or groundbait with "field grass" aroma boilies. You will have the option to use biggest boilies you find in shop 8 or 10mm ,forgot what was, or you can crush them. Using them crushed will atract fish between 1kg and 30kg with a 70% chance to be 1-10kg , 29% chance to be 10-20kg and 1% chance to be 20+ . That will mean you will have low chances to get a trophy, a bit more chance to get a decent size and very big chances to get small grass carps. That will translate into higher bite rate since smaller fish usualy bite more frequently. So using smaller fragments of the boilies (crushed) or the minimum size from the shop, will give you bite rate. Using whole boilies and of bigger size, like 8mm or 10mm , will give you like 40% chance to get a 1-10kg, 30-35% chance to get 10-20kg fish and 30-25% chance to get over 20kg. so you have a lot more chances to get a big fish. the problem is that bigger fish bite more rare since they are more sensitive to conditions(weather, leader/line visibility,hook size,etc) so those percents I mentioned are from a total of maybe 10-15 fish per hour (1 game day) while the examples i gave for smaller(or crushed) boilies are from a catchrate of over 15 fish per hour. Keep in mind that every single number and percent I mentioned is fictional and with the purpose of explaining the best i can, this are not true data , it's just numbers for you to create a picture how smal vs big boilies work. bigger = bigger fish, much slower catch rate, smaller(or crushed)=more frequent bites, most of the fish small or average. You will still be able to get big fish on smaller boilies but only if you are VERY lucky or you can still get small fish if you get bigger boilies, but you gain more access to the bigger ones . And it's about same deal with hook sizes in case you wonder. i hope you got some clarity if not, sorry for my explanation , i tried :P .
  2. i don't see any reason for it not to be in honestly. Like on the opposite, it would be completely ilogical to not hear your rods go on while you are looking in your bag or tent or whatever since the whole purpose of the bells/alarms is exactly that , to hear when you are not there looking. So yea, it should be made so we can hear our rigs while browsing anything in the menu. Unless someone want's us to increase our chances to loose fish.. Cause if you are kept looking at the rods not browsing , than you won't need alarms anyway since you can see when it bites right?
  3. question about trolling: does cast distance matter when you are trolling? it is important for me cause sometimes i want to troll in a small area were i spin around. If the line is too long it will barely move in one place in the center of the circle so i want to know if casting 10-15 meters just behind the boat would decrease bite rate .
  4. the entire base of the game is on you not knowing were fish is and searching for them. if they would make it easier to find the fish , the whole fish prices would be cut to less than half of what is now or even bite rate, otherwise in less than 4months you would be able to buy everything the shop has to offer and wont be frustrated enough to actually spend real money on gold, so goodbye income for the devs, goodbye game for us. Also what drives most people away from other fishing games like fishing planet or others is exactly the fact that you know exactly were the fish is always and you go there catch fish arcade style. This game tries to keep it as real as possibile and harder trying to simulate real life.. i have my own thoughts on were the game is "too real" and were is not real enough but thats another discussion. as far as people being able to see were fish are by activity of the fish , probably will never happen.
  5. that setup is disaster waiting to happen. your strongest part of the setup must be your rod than your line , than your leader. on an alpha reel for example a decent pike setup would be 20-24kg line , 26+ kg rod and leader 1kg weaker than the line. In general keep your line 50% stronger than reel and leader weaker than the line , subject of variations ofcourse as you improve fishing experience. but NEVER have your rod weaker than any part of your setup. for example on your setup, a fish between 5 and 8 kg can completely break rod since your rod will be first to break as it's weakest. Not sure if you are joking/trolling or you really have that setup i hope not.
  6. What i do is i use the 10grams pva size for fish that have higer bite rate so i recast more often, like Bream/Eastern Bream for example and the bigger PVA bag for fish that have lower bite rate so you probably cast 2-3 times per day like Sturgeon . like if you get 40-50 Breams per day that would be 400-500grams of bait but with soem PVA's lasting only 13-16 hours, by the time you reach half of those 50 breams, the effects of first 10-15 PVA's you casted is already gone so you will be constantly on under 200-250grams of active pva. so you can't reach the supposed 500+ grams limit of a spot. With the more rare fish, even if you have 24h duration PVA, you will cast 50 grams or so like 2-3 maybe 4 times per day so no were near the limit. So i guess is better to match the pva size and duration to fish catchrate.
  7. didn't know were to post this so i post on Yama since it's yama related. YES! THE BEAR WILL ATTACK YOU!! pictures . I died and got alive at spawn point . Damn you moma bear
  8. put the rod down and lift it again
  9. forgot to calculate and doesnt let me edit so... here it is again
  10. Crapu

    Recycling bin

    you can put them in any tent at any camp in the game.
  11. This sounds awesome !!! and yea, i wouldn't mind to keep english as language. I am quite a nationalist but indeed english is a very widespread language so i am fine with it to help us understand eachother. Good idea.
  12. turn bloom on and increase texture quality. but bloom mostly.it makes all shiny things have an aura of even more dim shine so they appear better looking. But bloom, text. quality, field of view, all this increase work of CPU or GPU depending who is weakest from those two. They in turn will put more strain on RAM, so make sure you have at least 16gb ram, quadcore cpu with 3000+ mhz and GPU with minimum 128 bits freq. and 2g memory . Streamers generaly have very expensive PC's and they try their best to make the game look good for the viewers so if you have a 6-7 years old PC , don't expect to match that .
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