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  1. hi wolfgaminghd87, so I myself do a lot of ultra telestick fishing as well as hunt the records. Now this MUST be taken with a grain of salt as its what i do personally and can not speak on what others do. 1- you will snap a lot of leaders with these rods. in one week i can go threw over 100 leaders maybe more. 2- the wear on the rod will go up very fast. every time you go into the red on the tension bar it will apply wear as these rods wasn't meant to do this type of fishing. 3- after 1 to 2 weeks of constant fishing these fishes (carps) u will have to retire the rod or the rod WILL BREAK! this is a screen shot of how i have MY setup. the line is mono which gives the most stretch (in my opinion) and the leader is 5.5kg to bring to the closes point of the rod"s load capacity. if you would like proof on how if the setup works you can have a look under records= ultralight= on amber waterbody. this is my no means a silver making setup, its just for record hunting and u will spend a lot of silver and possibly end up with a BROKEN rod or 2 so please be careful in what u do with a setup like this and i wish u the best of luck.
  2. Team Name: The Pirates 2 Team Captain: herakor Team Members: Mitov Fisboner iComvo Serzath
  3. Team Name: The Pirates Team Captain: djp00nie Team Members: kwincee HEKQ8 Nafimelody Dan Winter
  4. Team Name: The pirates 2 Team captain: Guzomlat Team members: killer0226 iComvo Fishboner BertieG
  5. Team Name: The pirates 1 Team captain: djp00nie Team members: Karosas112 Blaivs jack94 Nafimelody
  6. Team Name: The pirates Team captain: GhillieDhuTV Team members: HEKQ8 Murkywater Pudding80 Mozzinator
  7. Team Name: The Pirates Team captain: djp00nie Team members: Slugs Mozzinator jack94 Dan Winter
  8. it says float rods. does that mean match rods and bolo rods as well or telesticks alone?
  9. this is very weird cause both teams was submitted via email which shows on our end date and time the email was sent. Ellwood can you check discord where we provided the screen shot please?
  10. Team Name: The Pirates Team Captain: djp00nie Team members: Hekq8 GhillieDhuTv MurkyWater Pudding80
  11. good day to all, i know in this region telesticks is not that popular but i would love to see a team tournament with telesticks. big fish species , maybe it might spark more interest into telestick fishing . my regards djp00nie
  12. here is my knowledge of telesticks for beginners . hope it helps
  13. Team Name: Caribbean Pirates Team Captain: djp00nie Team Members: HEKQ8 jack94 MurkyWater Pudding80
  14. mosquito 35 49 depth 80cm nightcrawler and fish piece . telestick. ps (salty where is your fish lol)
  15. Team Name: Caribbean pirates Team Captain: djttv Team Members: hekq8 MurkyWater Pudding80 Stalk3r
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