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  1. Great spot for char at the moment, but not only. Works really well even with modest gear, as seen in the setup example. Coords: Around 75:27 Grid on map: H8 Casting direction: E, 70-90% or just full cast. It's up to you. Species caught: Char, Red Char, Gray Char, Zander, Burbot and few: Atlantic Salmon, Lake Trout, Ruffe Working lures: Almost any plastic lures. (ex: handmade foam dish, provoker, quicker, maggot lure, etc) Rig: Texas with 3 skill points Method: Jig-step with half-turn, 15 speed. Try experimenting because it works with many variants. Setup example: Trophies caught: Full net: GL HF and enjoy the grind! ps: and the lovely quiet Ladoga
  2. Hey guys, Good spot on Amber at the moment. I will post 3 setups that worked for me. Coords: 169:83 Grid on map: right bottom corner of I7 Clip: 35 Casting direction: a little right from the West (as seen in pictures) 1. Caviar 20 pop-up + Oyster 20/16 pop-up + black caviar dip 2. Variations of fruity pop-ups/corn 3. Spice mix 16 pop-up + Spice Attack 15/25 pop-up + Hot Devil dip (Works great without pva) You can also try the spices corn + pop-up variation. Fishes: Cast direction on map GL HF and enjoy the grind!
  3. CPU: AMD 3600 RAM: 16GB 3600 Graphics Adapter: RTX 2070super OS: Win 10
  4. Hello guys, Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to Tunguska 51:120 (maybe it works everywhere on tung) 2. Place one rod on a rock 3. Enter the inventory then return to the game 4. The rod placed on the rock is moved to another random rock I was able to reproduce it every time. It happens only if one rod is placed on a rock. Before: After:
  5. Thank you for your support, @Elwoodiath2, after a couple of hours it started to download again. feel free to delete this one
  6. @Elwoodiath2 it got stalled exactly at 35mb downloaded. It is not a speed issue indeed, I was thinking more of a server issue. I will leave it open and see if does something different.
  7. @Elwoodiath2 Done. - Deleted the installation directory - deleted c:\users\%username%\appdata RFLauncher and RF LLC from "Local", "LocalLow" and "Roaming". Downloaded a new installer and is downloading the game but now this happens: My internet speed: I didn't changed network configs or something similar. Last night was working like a charm. I'm a tech guy so deleting/changing something by mistake is out of the question.
  8. Thank you @Elwoodiath2, I have tried all the fixes (admin start, delete cache, delete conf) but none worked. I receive the same error and cannot enter the game. I will try and reinstall and come back with a feedback. Also, my wife account receives the same error on another pc so I assume this is not an isolated case. It starts downloading the update and breaks at 30-50%. My account is adriantdf and I use the standalone version.
  9. The same problem after a couple of hours. It tries to download something and give the error above. I tried login on another pc and the same error occurs. Somebody please?
  10. Hello guys, I receive the following error when I'm trying to open the game. I know that the server restarted and it was updated and I'm thinking this has something to do with it. Please delete it if it's not relevant.
  11. adriantdff


    Thank you very much for the useful info Crucian.
  12. Oki doki, thank you very much for clarifying this.
  13. adriantdff


    Hey folks, does color of the hook make a difference?
  14. Hey Crucian, any updates on the matter please?
  15. Hello guys! First of all, thank you for this awesome game. I have several questions about noise that might scare the fish (when using feeder rods, but might apply in general). Does catching a fish scare the fish in that area? (fish splashing the water while reeled in) Casting the bait also makes a splash noise, the noise from landing a float, the noise of normal walking on a bridge or land. Is there any of that these that can scare the fish? I sometimes have 2 feeder rods and 1 float and I always wonder if when the float touches the water, the fishes that might bite the feeder baits will be scared. Thank you in advance!
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