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  1. m3dic

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium Competition on Sura 05/16/19 Congratulations to all winners.
  2. m3dic

    Competition Announcements

    Congratz to the Winners
  3. m3dic

    Competition Announcements

    Congrats to the winners of the Old Burg Competition
  4. m3dic

    Groundbait Q&A

    Hey Mooyongz, I personally don't see your problem/bug there your method feeder takes 2 portions and your groundbait loses 2 portions. If i missed something in the Video please describe it further.
  5. m3dic


    Hey Hookjaw, the auction house is still a thing. When it comes to gold as currency, there will be no gold transactions between players.
  6. m3dic


    Hey WizzardsNZ, the "Taran" is not it the game yet.
  7. m3dic

    Baits Q&A

    Hey Jinxter, there is no difference in these 2 knives when it comes to fish pieces.
  8. m3dic

    Paying with credit/debit cards

    Hey adrenaline catch, can you please provide that to support@rf4game.com . I removed your pic for your own safety reasons.
  9. m3dic

    Groundbait Q&A

    Hey sbfarmer, this does not work you would need to throw in ground bait first. Then your 2 rods without ground bait will get attraction from the ground bait you threw in. The rod with the ground bait in it will profit a bit more of that.
  10. m3dic

    Groundbait Q&A

    Hey f1shbee, the effective range of groundbait is around 5m X 5m after it landed in the water.
  11. m3dic


    There you go
  12. m3dic


    Hey Jinxter, as you probably can see we have multiple wobblers / crankbaits of the "same" type in the store. Let's take the funky minnow as an example: There is a F7 and a S7, the F7 is a floating type, since it's designed to float it most of the times dives a bit shallower and is lighter, because of the material used in it, the S7 on the other side is a sinking type, it's mostly a bit heavier than there floating counterpart and is going to sink after hitting the water, without being retrieved or something else.
  13. m3dic

    Feeder Fishing Q&A

    you will be forced using it without skill points.
  14. m3dic

    Campfire stories

    You can fish with reels on Float setups just not on our Telescopic rods. For that we have Match- and Bolognese Setups. The Telescopic rod in our game is designed for Pole fishing.
  15. m3dic

    Campfire stories

    Moved to correct topic.
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