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  1. RF4 Gold/Premium "High LvL" Competition 07/21/2019 Congrats to the winners.
  2. RF4 Gold/Premium "High Lvl" Competition 07/14/2019 Congrats to the winners.
  3. RF4 Official Gold/Premium "High LvL" Competition 07/07/2019 Congrats to the winners
  4. Official RF4 Gold/Premium "High LvL" Competition 30/06/2019 Congrats to the winners.
  5. RF4 Official Gold/Premium Competition Sura 06/23/2019 Congrats to the winners.
  6. RF4 Official Gold/Premium Competition 06/16/2019 Congrats to the winners
  7. RF4 Official Gold/Premium Competition 06/09/2019 Congrats to the winners. Timed out winners will be announced.
  8. RF4 Official Gold/Premium "Low Lvl" Competition 06/08/2019 Congrats to the winners.
  9. RF4 Gold/Premium "High Lvl" Competition 06/08/2019 Congrats to all the winners.
  10. RF4 Gold/Premium "High LvL" Competition 06/06/2019 Congrats to the winners
  11. RF4 Official Gold/Premium Competition 06/02/2019 Congrats to the winners
  12. RF4 Official Gold/Premium "Low LvL" Competition 06/01/2019 Congratulations to the winners
  13. RF4 Gold/Premium High LvL Competition 05/30/2019 Congrats to the winners
  14. RF4 Official Gold/Premium Competiton 05/29/2019 Congrats to the winners.
  15. RF4 Gold/Premium Competition Akthuba 05/26/2019 Congrats to the winners
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