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  1. Seversky Donets - drifting with current on wacky rigs, Volga was caught at 7.5 m, and ide was caught at E3.
  2. Amber, 82:144, clip 35, cast at peg 1.
  3. Map: Bear lake spot: 55:33 clip:22 spot is working well without PVA or SPOD, almost 2 trophies on 2nd cast.
  4. 82:144 Amber, 25clip, aim at peg 1, no PVA or Spod needed, bite rate is decent. Still searching for that ghost mirror!
  5. Amber lake 120:155, 25clip, aim at the bush. these were both caught same spot a few hours apart, changing spots every 2 hrs. Bite is good with or without PVA or spod.
  6. 79:78 bear is still working well feeding with spod. A lot of blacks showing up as well. Got this before restart, hopefully the point will still be active later today.
  7. 1 more leather at amber and its bigger, 83:144 clip 35 aim at peg 1. no feeding at all.
  8. 82:144 clip 35 no spod or pva. Trophies were hit back to back on the same feed. good luck!
  9. bear lake 79:78 clip 25, no feeding. Yesterday I had no luck with spod.
  10. 78:159 2nd dryagin trophy at this spot, and he is bigger. Caught on the fall, same as first. Good Luck!
  11. Dryagin Char 77:159 jig step, speed 12, casting North slightly East, Caught on the drop. Straight retrieve with speed up works, speed 1-10. Let the spoon hit the bottom. Good luck!.
  12. Old Burg, 58:12, clip 12, fish pieces. ground bait: oat flake, egg, maggot, melted cheese, chopped worm, fish oil. Setup.
  13. mosquito lake 56:45, clip 10
  14. Check this Char out. 95:20 Ladoga Lake, towards the islands. Jig step speed 30. Between 6am and 8am.
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