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  1. does more expensive the equipment is the better it is?
  2. what fish that could bite through line? and also if i combine both flurocarbon leaders and line does that mean i got increased bite chance? also can you please explain in detail braided leader and line because i see no use in them
  3. species targeted huh so how do i know what line combination is good for that type of fish? is there any way to check it?
  4. so if i'm understanding it correctly the best line are flurocarbon? because its invisible right so that mean higher catch rate?
  5. i am not sarcastic i'm just surprised that there are search function. sorry
  6. search function exist?! wow i didn't notice that
  7. where the are atleast 17 pages of things
  8. also what's the diffirence between nylon,fluro,braided line and steel,fluro,braided feeder leader?
  9. whats the diffirence between trophy,rare trophy , and super trophy?
  10. what kind of fish that could be crafted into a baitfish?
  11. is there a limit on how much skill u get from scooping/shovelling?
  12. also is rotten fish can still be crafted into fish meat?
  13. hey what's the diffirence between steel,flurocarbon,braided feeder leader and nylon,flurocarbon,braided lines?
  14. is there a limit on how much scooping/shovelling before it does not give you anymore increase in skill on harvesting bait?
  15. does scooping with bloodworm scoop increase harvesting bait level?
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