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  1. OMG, well done mate, congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ♫♫ Black Magic woman ♪ Got a black magic woman ♪♫ ..... 53:13 potato
  3. 2 good spots that works very well at the moment : 53:13 16-68 : Grass and black carps on potato, gibel on algae, crucian on redworm. Be careful, i got a 3Kg carp on tele with... bloodworm, and a 13Kg carp with a simple worm ^^ also grass carps like to steal the cheese reserved for the tenches
  4. blood01

    Kuori lake

    the pike was on Funky S11-007 and the trout on Timid 10-002
  5. blood01

    Kuori lake

    Well the bite was around 23h30, north west of the map (pike"s corner) and i finished the fight at the opposite corner, in the south east, at 10h00 (not sure), I followed it with the boat, risky but it worked. It was not easy, my energy bar was empty and no cola in the backpack ^^ Probably my best fight since i start playing RF4 Also the 500 silver was pleasant
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