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  1. maybe i am blind, but that looks like you are snagged into the weeds, happens alot there, and sometimes takes a while to get out. changing your angle and tension often works aswell
  2. Auction house is comming, at some point, i think
  3. ahh to bad i liked Fow aswell
  4. Somehow my hook got stuck in the air above some weeds, with my telestick tried getting it out but couldnt, so wanted to cut the line, but it wouldnt let me either
  5. Map: Lower Tunguska River Coordinates: trolling E8 Bait: Ylin-Uistin joined Plug 13-SS006 Name: Kongkenned
  6. Serversky Donets River Coordinates 165:132 Bait: Mayfly/Horse-fly Name: Kongkenned
  7. Lower Tunguska River Spot: 86:160 Bait: fly Name: Kongkenned
  8. Looking for a team for the new tournament : Char chasing. lvl 38 Ign: Kongkenned
  9. Lower Tunguska River 158:133 Zeiman spiker #2 005 Kongkenned
  10. know it aint the biggest but impossible to beat MDawgs Map: Sura river Coordinates: 53:50 Bait:Mayfly larva Ingame name: Kongkenned
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