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  1. We cannot publicize banned players due to their privacy. All players have their information private and making such a list will violate the privacy act in other countries laws.
  2. jlkeys

    Heavy baitcasters

    @bigwrm Your question has been submitted for the next Q&A session. The date will be announced on our forums, Discord, and social media.
  3. @theris Your question has been submitted for the next Q&A session. The date will be announced on our forums, Discord, and social media.
  4. jlkeys


    @LoneWulvss How would you do that if a player was playing from a different IP address? Say the play take his laptop or PC to a friends house or a motel if they are on vacation and played the game? This will be hard to validate if that the case and also it will take more time to investigate that player. I understand there are players that have several accounts but that be more investigation and also more time to take to hand out the awards. But still not a bad Idea just how we can make it work with less time to take to hand out the awards.
  5. jlkeys


    @Enzo Matrix @theris You both have valid points in this subject. Maybe we can fine tune the award system to make it fair for everyone even if there are so many players not fishing and just there to take up space. I understand if you get in a comp of 300 players and you sitting at the top what ever that gets an award of some sort and come to find out half of those players did not fish or went to another water body and you did not win anything. We are not out to look for players and punish them for not playing in the comp just like Enzo said they could've left the comp for emergency, or they lost connection to the server. That will be hard to enforce something like that. Maybe the community can come up with some new ideas what they want to see in the comp awards please be reasonable. What ever it will be it will lock in the places the where the player are in.
  6. jlkeys

    Heavy baitcasters

    @bigwrm We do not have any ETA yet on heavy bait casters. I understand that the players are waiting on them, but as soon we find out we will let you know.
  7. That is fine I edit your first post to put the lyrics in the spoiler for you so it will make easier for the players to scroll down the topic and read them.
  8. Hello fellow Anglers, We like to announce that we have a new system in place for the chat. This system includes that anything that is in complaints such as regular chat complaints and private message complaints and also in chat logs when are there done by a moderator or a chat admin. We have an account that is name chatmod will PM you a message and I'll give you details of such inappropriate behavior or etc that violates the terms of service. This is not a bot this is an actual moderator or admin typing these messages. Please take these notifications very seriously if not it would be instant penalty punishment to the penalty pond. we also have an admin email for the chat which is chatadmin@rf4game.com. This is a warning system provided by us to give the player chance to refute these allegations before we propose sentence. If the player decides to answer the warning and abuse the moderator or trying to be funny not taking it seriously will automatically go to the penalty pond. We are trying you give a player an opportunity the respond do the allegations if their reasons are adequate the player will receive just a warning and that be the only warning that would be issued. Therefore, after the warning if the player continues to be abusive to another player or using inappropriate language or anything else that violates the terms of service will be an automatic sent to the penalty pond. Where the email that is mentioned above you also can use that email to notify a chat admin about a situation that is going on in chat or private message that a player that is attacking or begging for gear , baits or trades. We consider this harassing a player or any type of harassment in chat we take this very seriously and we will issue a warning or a penalty to that player. Tight lines, RF4 Team
  9. jlkeys


    You need to go in your inventory and look at your setup that is worn out such as your reel , pole, line, leader, hooks, and lures that you are using. This is the only way to fine out what is causing warning indicator to light up.
  10. jlkeys


    Hi Defyled For your first question that you can not start a topic on these Forums only Staff Members can. Your second question is a warning that something is worn out or about to break on your setup. I hope this helps jlkeys
  11. jlkeys


    Hi fif This not a bug when you leave your rods untended and fish gets hooked on your line it will break the rod or line,but if your line is stronger than your rod or rod will break instead of your line. You always want your line to be the weakest part of your setup if you are float fishing. *note this post is going to be move to the right topic.
  12. jlkeys


    Hi fallenknight55 My suggestion to you is change up your setup of your rods and hook sizes. Most of the fish are hook shy and the predator fish are skittish. So this mean that you have steel leaders on your setup the predator fish will be fewer bites. That goes with hooks as well with different fish species. You can check out Levo post to show you the proper setups that you can make. Here is the link to his post: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/254-levos-guide-setup-suggestions/ Also you can check out the other sub topics under Levo’s Guides he talks about repairs, wear on reels, and weather. I hope this will help you to be a better fisherman and go catch those nice fish.
  13. Hi topdog5050 You can buy them at the Tackle Store under groundbait in Additives section.
  14. jlkeys


    Hi Ruts Yes, their is drawbacks when not eating and drinking. You have the bars in the lower left hand corner Energy,Food,Health,Comfort. If you do not eat or drink you energy,food and comfort will go down will effect the ability of the character to handle the fish and how long it takes you bring in the fish. The Health bar is when you drink alcohol it will good down this will show how drunk you are. This has advantage and disadvantage when drinking alcohol such as when drink alcohol it will give extra XP when bring in the fish, but when you drink to much alcohol and the bar is all the way down you are drunk and it will effect how you handle the fish . Your Comfort bar is how the character is feeling the way to bring that is food and drink just like your energy bar. If these both bars are down it will effect the characters ability of handling the fish and casting. There are certain food and drinks that will bring your both bars up such as Honey, Coke, Tea,Coffee or and thing that has sugar, caffeine that will bring up your energy and comfort. What will bring up your health bar if you drink to much alcohol is sour cream or over time it will slowly move up. But you have to remember to much alcohol will affect how you handle the fish that will a high chance of losing the fish or breaking your gear. I hope this answer your question about the drawbacks when not eating and drinking.
  15. jlkeys


    Hi OnedeTvAlt This is last time I’m going to explain to you why you were sent to prison. A player made an complaint on what you have said in chat. Which was a word that is blacklist on our TOS (Terms of Service). So you broke the TOS so you go to prison. Like I said to you before it doses not matter if you are in a Public or Private room. And also, the rule apply to PMs (private message) as well. The only time we investigate private rooms or PMs when there is complaint is filed. This was not Technical issue you were expressing your opinion on this matter. So your post was move to this topic.
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