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  1. Hello fellow Anglers, We like to announce that we have a new system in place for the chat. This system includes that anything that is in complaints such as regular chat complaints and private message complaints and also in chat logs when are there done by a moderator or a chat admin. We have an account that is name chatmod will PM you a message and I'll give you details of such inappropriate behavior or etc that violates the terms of service. This is not a bot this is an actual moderator or admin typing these messages. Please take these notifications very seriously if not it would be instant penalty punishment to the penalty pond. we also have an admin email for the chat which is chatadmin@rf4game.com. This is a warning system provided by us to give the player chance to refute these allegations before we propose sentence. If the player decides to answer the warning and abuse the moderator or trying to be funny not taking it seriously will automatically go to the penalty pond. We are trying you give a player an opportunity the respond do the allegations if their reasons are adequate the player will receive just a warning and that be the only warning that would be issued. Therefore, after the warning if the player continues to be abusive to another player or using inappropriate language or anything else that violates the terms of service will be an automatic sent to the penalty pond. Where the email that is mentioned above you also can use that email to notify a chat admin about a situation that is going on in chat or private message that a player that is attacking or begging for gear , baits or trades. We consider this harassing a player or any type of harassment in chat we take this very seriously and we will issue a warning or a penalty to that player. Tight lines, RF4 Team
  2. Yes it is possible to buy at different locations .The stores aren't connected between each other.
  3. You can ask question in here we will answer them too
  4. Superfishial In the last update on 3/14/2018 in the patch notes this what was added: -The fishing line thickness and its type has increased its influence on fish catch rate. As an example, chance of a strike when using thin fluorocarbon or monofilament line became much higher than when using thick braided line. -Increased influence of the visibility of the components of the rig (the thickness and type of the line, the material and thickness of the leader, the size of the hook, etc.) of cautious fish, for example, such as Trout, Asp, Chub, Bream and Grayling. So this means nothing was nerfed, you just need to change your set up to catch the cautious fish and to increase your catch rate on those type of fish.
  5. Hello Zed895 As you start out you are a rookie in fishing and time goes on you gain experience and silver, this is how the game is designed. In the beginning you don't have to spend to much silver on food or baits. All you need is a shovel , a catch net, and the float rod that you get in the beginning . For food their is canteen trailer near the tackle shop which you can eat once a in game day. Now when you start leveling up take your skill points and invest them in what you want to do. ( float fishing,spin fishing,bottom fishing ). The skill tree will open up different skill as you go on. Now on every catch that you get keep them to get the silver and only buy what you need don't over spend. You want to save your silver for the future use like gear and stuff. For my experience what I did float and bottom fishing until I opened up Spinning rod. I took my skill point invested in the spinning reel and what ever I wanted to do through out my experience to be where I am today. Yes it is a grind but I have a lot fun with this game and I still enjoy it where it stand today.
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